Why balance your life? What you pursue, you become.

Posted: June 16, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Lifestyle Choice
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Lady Justice

The scales of Justice are false, actually. There is no balance. The reason for law is to determine the truth (see Jurisdictionary® for more data.) Law is based on an absolute datum of the Golden Rule – some sort of low-grade enforcement for ensuring people treat others as they would themselves.

Here’s the logic of that balance question:

  • What you push, you become. Thoughts become things, they make the world you live in.
  • Evil is only mis-applied good. You don’t shovel out the darkness, you turn on a light.
  • Equally matched opponents results in a draw. Competition is destructive, not creative. Each side limits themselves to their opponents’ standards in order to play the game.

Initially, I was going to label this “The Discipline of Hope.” Because in life, there is only the positive, creative. And to the degree that you follow and push up these efforts, you get more positive in your life. To the degree that you work against something, you get more of that enemy into your life. (Which is a short-hand for why politics and government never solve anything.)

There is no black and white, no light and dark. There is only white and the absence of white, light and the absence of light.

As it takes energy to light a room, this is where you’re concentration should be. Sure, it might be easier to sit in the dark, but where’s the fun in that? Lots of things creep around in the dark. Sunlight is the best disinfectant – or you can get the fuel to run a generator to scare the critters back into the shadows.

That’s the point, isn’t it? If you are pushing forward a positive, the negatives ultimately fall away. Unless you start fighting them. Simply out-creating them by constantly finding better solutions to problems presented will always pull the rug out from under any negative being presented. If you simply, rationally defuse their basis for arguing, then there is no debate needed.

And this is actually how life runs. Look around this planet. Where there is war, starvation, oppression – it can be traced to a handful of people who are busy pushing this for their own personal gain. North Korea compared to South Korea. All those people in the North could be living a prosperous, healthy, long life – were it not for their agreeing to follow some knucklehead whose got the world’s largest porn collection and spends money (counterfeit US bills) to create rockets instead of developing their economy, particularly agriculture so they could feed themselves.

But anyone who really wanted to could simply leave that country. And if everyone simply quit doing what that guy said, then there would be no government of that sort to oppress them anymore.

(Same thing happens in this country. When people get fed up with a President, they quit listening to him. And Congressional representatives know this for a fact – don’t listen to your constituents and forget your re-election. )

So don’t fall into this trap. Only do good with your life. Only seek optimal solutions around you – and keep looking for even more optimal solutions.

Then you win, and everyone around you wins. As we get more and more people to work on this point, the whole world can win.


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