Sedona: An Advanced Releasing Technique

Posted: August 10, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Just found this early Lester Levenson tape, on a YouTube video.

He talks about having to move beyond having to get anything out of this world, that people and groups who achieved a great point of bliss – where everything in this world was working just great for them, everything was lined up nicely – that these people soon after had catastrophes happen around them.  And Levenson then cautioned to go right beyond that state, to take the next step.  He pointed out that the world itself is a trap, that your joy and your freedom comes from yourself.

As well, Levenson pointed out that you get your freedom by wanting and helping others to go free. I stumbled onto this earlier when I told people to “pay if forward in advance”. This is actually another one of those very old concepts which has riddled our philosophies and religions right down the line. If you want something, help someone else get it first. Along the way, and the more people you try to help, the faster this appears for you.

When you take the Sedona Method straight out – follow it right out past any limits you think it has – then you find a very, very interesting place. There are no words to describe this, because words fail – they are simply useless. And it’s not a state of being, doing, or having anything. It is probably best described as the most profound peace…

But, again, words fail here. Because there are no superlatives, no descriptions which fit. And when you reach it – even if you only touch it for a moment – you know what I say here.

And that state is beyond being true. It actually makes up truth, or causes or allows truth to appear – take your choice of concepts.

OK, how to get there:

In any area you have your attention on, or pulled to –

  1. Extend beingness into that area, object, or entity.
  2. Release all negative feelings regarding this.
  3. Release all other feelings re: this. (And this includes any ideas of control, security, or approval.)
  4. Release being, doing, or having this.
  5. Release any idea of this.
  6. Release any separation or oneness.
  7. Release any ideas.
  8. Release releasing.

You can see the logic of this. And you can see where this is heading.

Try it yourself on anything in your life.

And there are a lot of benefits from this – but I’ll let you figure these out. Once you get into that point, you’ll see that this goes beyond having power or ability or anything in this universe, because power or ability or anything physical is a limit. And limits define your freedom.

Freedom, actually, is itself a limited concept. But it is way, way beyond anything that any average humankind participant can really get or understand fully – so pushing freedom enables everyone to see a lot more of the world around us, and allows us to begin to become greater than that world and actually end up not have to play that game any longer.

Have fun with this.

Good Hunting!


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