Releasing the Master Within

Posted: August 15, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Still listening to older Levenson tapes about the Sedona Method. An series called “On Sleep and Awakening.”

The recurring point that Levenson makes is that you are untapped potential, all the abilities, power, ease, happiness, joy, talent – all these are already present. You can have these anytime you want.

The only trick is letting go of your own limitations which are keeping these from showing up. He covers that these are all held in the mind, and that to rid yourself of your mind allows all these to show up.

Now, this runs a foul of most of the self-help guru’s out there. But let me tell you of a simple scam which is running: if you don’t want freedom more than you want the world, then you’ll continue to change your mind but wind up back where you started. If you are constantly buying into these various techniques which allow you to “become” successful, or “become” happy – you are just going to have to continue spending your money on these guys.

These don’t work or work to the exact degree they enable you to control and vanquish your own mind.

There is a lot written about meditation, and the extreme practice of spending hours trying to quiet the mind through sheer discipline under the mantra of “don’t think”. Of course, this is much like “try not to think of a pink elephant” and a pink elephant automatically occurs.

Levenson’s Sedona Method allows you to simply release yourself from the effects of the mind and so the mind quiets.

Sure, the mind had its use – and we’ve managed to evolve this far through using it. And it was time for someone to make the breakthrough so we could get off that crutch. Essentially, the mind has become a bad habit and can simply be reformed by replacing that habit with a new one. That new one should be toward developing your own intuitive sense as you continue to quiet the mind.

And intuition is always there, under the surface. You just have to get quiet enough to hear it’s voice.

This is part of letting your own Master to the surface. You are already a Master, and you only have to rise to this state. While many are looking for a one-shot wonder to appear in their lives, you don’t have to wait.

As you continue to release, you will find more and more native abilities showing up. Your life becomes more joyous and happy and successful – because that is the native state you’ve always had within you.

There is a lot more to cover on this, but these simple points will do for now. Release your own Master by releasing continually during the day. And your life gets simpler meanwhile. Happiness and Success are native. Learn to let them come to the surface.


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