Your happiness is all your fault

Posted: August 16, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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All the happiness you are ever going to get is already there. If you aren’t experiencing the highest level of joy and internal peace, then it’s only your own agreed-upon limitations which are keeping it from showing up.

Natively, we are all Masters in our own right. You already have all the abilities and powers and serenity – more than you could even conceive was possible.

But this is hidden behind all what you’ve swallowed over the years, all the teachings you’ve received in school, by examples of your peers and friends and family, from the books you’ve studied, the lectures you’ve attended (or been given), by the videos and TV and recordings you’ve listened to or watched.

All the teaching you’ve received has been worthless beyond belief. And to that exact degree you’ve believed all this stuff you’ve ingested, it is to that degree that you aren’t free and can’t experience the basic happiness you already have inside of you.

Same goes for any talent you “wish” you had, or abilities you’d “like to attain”. The only reason these aren’t showing up in your life, the only reason you aren’t brilliant, talented, famous, prosperous, satisfied with the life around you – all these have a single reason.

You just think you don’t _______ (fill in the blank.)

The trick is to knock off this thinking, rationalizing, figuring out. It doesn’t get you anywhere. For all Einstein’s work – are we any closer to traveling at light speed across the galaxy? We do have his atomic bomb (which he regretted for the rest of his lifetime.)

All this thinking, what has it accomplished? Government, taxes, strife, warfare, hunger, want, scarcity. And on top of that: more government, more taxes, etc.

If you “think” down that line, you only get more of the same. Look down your past-track, your own personal history, and you see it’s completely true.

You really and actually have to stop thinking in order to get any “forward” progress.

The progress we are actually making is getting ourselves out of the hole we’ve dug ourselves into. It’s not that we need to stop digging when we found ourselves in that hole, we need to start digging ourselves out.

And you begin the long process of stopping your thinking by learning how to quiet the mind.

This is called releasing – and it was uncovered and worked out by Lester Levenson, and it’s called the Sedona Method.

How this is done, how to quit thinking – that’s really, really simple: When you get a thought, you don’t try to stop it. You welcome it. You don’t try to figure out how you are having it, you just accept it for what it is. It won’t hurt you if you simply look at it for what it is. Thoughts can’t hurt you. They are just an old bad habit.

So the first thing is to simply recognize that you have a thought, and then to simply accept that thought. Welcome it. See it for what it is.

Then let it go.

Maybe you can’t let it go right off the bat. Hale Dwoskin and others have developed additional techniques to enable you to find and release these various thoughts.

The basics are: Welcome/accept any thought that comes in, and then release it. See it, let it go. Don’t resist it, don’t work at figuring it out, just welcome it and let it go.

Then your mind starts to quiet. You don’t have to keep thinking any more. Happiness and joy fill the gaps in between the thoughts. You start to live at peace within yourself and within your world you live in.

And you’ll start getting some really brilliant intuitive ideas. Your native genius will shine through. Solutions to all your problems will show up. Simply. Or the problems will simply disappear.

But you have to quit that bad habit of thinking first. And to do that you have to learn the habit of releasing – and make it constant in your life until you don’t need to.

Try it – see if this works for you.


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