Like sitting at the front row in a theater – the Free Will is a fiction

Posted: August 17, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Still making my way through Levenson and his Sedona Method.

In his tape series “The Way”, Levenson mentions that not only is the physical universe an illusion, but also what we consider our Self is an illusion. To boot, in an earlier tape, “On Sleep and Awakening” he covers that we actually create the entire universe when we awake from a deep sleep. While we sleep (not while we dream), the universe doesn’t actually exist.

But this leads me to conclude that our current ongoing discussions about the interactions between Free Will and the Universe (or God, as some would name it) is simply no more than a convenient fiction.

It’s as if we are trying to understand and figure out what we are all doing here – instead of just simply enjoying the ride we are on. Like the engineer on a roller-coaster who is constantly inputting all the various calculations of every turn and incline and trajectory – instead of simply enjoying the distraction of having the body pushed around with gravity out of one’s personal control. Control is exactly one of those basics that Levenson found holds us back, makes our mind work to justify all our actions and reactions. (Approval and Security are the other two.)

The situation is, oddly, that the level we actually operate on is one where we are all interconnected and experience everything everyone else does – simultaneously. So, “Free Will” is a bit of a moot point – how free is free?

Free Will can be demonstrated only in a rather knocked-down situation of thinking that we cannot easily communicate with others and must “think for ourselves” all the time. But it’s thinking that holds our problems and afflictions closest to us. The justifications, the blaming, the stresses, everything – all found in thoughts and thinking.

As you use Levenson’s releasing, you simply drop all the pretenses you’ve been carrying around and you start finding that the mind continues to quiet down – you begin to “think” less. And find that you have less stress, more harmony, more energy, more natural success in your life. Goals are easily formulated and attained.


Everything else is piled on top of your natural native state, naturally successful, naturally healthy, naturally prosperous – naturally free. How to get there is just as simple: decide to go free – and keep working at it continually in your life. Every waking second.

Just practice releasing any time any thought comes up. Any thought. If it’s native intuition, it will stick around and get stronger. Otherwise, it simply melts away.

And your natural inner joy takes over. An inner calmness, where you can delight in all the world around you.

Everything you really need or want in your life simply appears.

Try it.


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