Learning to Ride the Tides of Intuitional Living

Posted: September 12, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Lifestyle Choice
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While it may not always seem this happy, just sticking with the tides of Intuitional Living brings more peace than consternation.

I was all excited (so to speak) about following my bliss with this Intuitional Living stuff and then hit a rant that kept coming up. You see, I thought that this type of lifestyle was simply going to be peaceful and joyous and all that.

Forgot about the baggage we are all carrying around – all those mental habits of thinking all the time for a lifetime. Don’t figure that these will go away overnight.

But the trick and cure with the Sedona Method is to simply look at what is coming up and then release it as it does.

Intuitionally, the best way to get it released is to bring it to the surface.  It’s that old phrase “God’s Will” or “Moving with the Spirit” or some such.

What you get with Intuitional Living is a completely independent and mutually interacting lifestyle. Intuition flows through all of us. We are all interconnected, but not interdependent.  So several people acting on Intuition can show up to help someone in need – same time, same place, all there “accidentally”. Like that “Miracle on the Hudson” – a pilot who had trained his entire life just for that one particular situation. Post-grad degrees and extra studies, etc. All lives saved. Same river a few months later and you see a small plane blind-siding a copter while the supposed air traffic controller was on the phone with someone else.  All lives lost. Same river.

– – – –

It came to me this morning (which is why I’m up early blogging) – Government is the Will of the People, but when that Will gets sufficiently strong, there is no longer any need for Government.

On a small scale, I’m checking this out on our farm. We get a few hundred bucks every year because we tell the FSA what crops we put in and they tell us if there is a Loan Deficiency Payment. And in return, we agree not to sell anything directly off that land (like planting sweet corn instead of commodity yellow corn.) Every time you agree with the government for anything, you give something else up.

Now sure, with Katrina, the Coast Guard was doing great plucking people out. But if those people were truly following their Intuition, they wouldn’t have been in trouble, would they? Or they would have been able to rescue themselves. You don’t hear about the people who got out ahead of the storm or simply rode it out and rebuilt their homes without anyone else’s assistance.

All Government (and Mainstream Media) talks about are the few who can’t do anything for themselves. But that’s the wrong approach. Of course they are going to do that – those are people who need government to survive.

But does that give them any right to rip off others, take their money away by duress (what happens if you don’t pay taxes?) – when those people have never educated themselves to deal with life? Instead of running some training programs so people can get out of the poor mental habits which keep them poor – they start Welfare. And everyone else pays while they have children out of wedlock.

OK, this is turning into another deal altogether. Back to the farm. When we looked over the programs we could get into, we found that more and more we were being told we could do this or that and not the other. We were actually being given the choice of giving up our own independence in order to get the “security” and approval of these government people.  (And a little bit of money to sweeten the pot.)

I had a guy out to give me some advice about how to improve drainage on my farm. He said that because these low areas flooded once a year, they were “wetlands” and so I couldn’t do so-and-so with them – that he had to check his books for the statutes. All I wanted to do was to trim some trees so it would get back into it’s normal drainage patterns rather than start new ones.

Not like I’m draining a swamp where extremely rare and exotic wildlife live.

That’s government. Non-intuitional. Very much over-thought.

But is my life improved by getting out of government programs? Sure. Less payroll taxes if you work for yourself or as a contractor. Save up if you want to replace your own Social Security program. Like Insurance – if you have the money to pay directly, you’ll actually save money by not paying all those premiums.

Life insurance is for what – pay off your bills and funeral costs when you are dead, plus leave a little for those you left.  How about setting up what you own as an LLC or corporation and including them as stockholders, and deeding over your controlling stock to them when you are gone? Means no real estate tax if  you set it up right. Have that corporation pay for your funeral.

Taxes, as I’ve often said, just get the stupid rich, not the smart ones. Smart ones don’t “own” anything and so aren’t worth being sued or taxed. (And high taxes on millionaires just makes them move out of state – ask California.)

Government needs you, you don’t need it. Check out TOLFA.us for the theory behind this.  I’m into philosophy and can’t easily be bothered with this stuff (just bothered by it, as you can tell – need to do more releasing…)

There’s an old phrase for dealing with coyotes – the three S’s: Shoot ’em, Shovel ’em, and Shut up. I can harvest all the deer I want on my own property if 1) I wanted to hunt them, 2) No one saw me, 3) I didn’t tell anyone. (Plus, I’d have to process my own meat.)  Deer are a runaway nuisance, but you have to get a permit to hunt them. We are their only predators, but are only allowed to hunt them in certain times of the year and only so many at a time.  (Heck, I usually pick up several a year that other hunters throw out on the sides of the back roads because they don’t have enough tickets. Wasted – and smelly.)

The argument against this is like the buffalo – but independent ranchers saved that species, not any amount of government intervention. There are domesticated deer now.  But I’m way off the beat here. (And I’ll have the wacko enviro-extremists camped out here any minute now… “Save Bambi!”)

Look, just live your life the way it makes sense to you. Get rid of all these negative emotions hanging around and quit chasing the thrill-ride adrenaline rushes of the top end as well. Live that normal, calm, peaceful existence you know is within you.

Doesn’t mean you trip to that state will be like floating down a sedate river on a balmy afternoon – sometimes you’ll hit the rapids. But just ride them out, enjoy the trip, don’t freak out. Release all the time.

And you’ll make it.

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