Living with the world isn't nearly as hard as living for the world.

Posted: September 14, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Lifestyle Choice
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The trick in living is to live.

Lester Levenson pointed out many things when he developed his Sedona Method, chief of these is that we are working to get security, approval, or control with almost everything we think or feel or strive for.

Once you get beyond (or while you work at getting beyond) these three, then life gets a lot easier. Levenson said that the next point so conquer was any fear of death.

And you’ll see when you look up the saints, prophets, and true seers for our planet’s history, this is always true. (Of course we are dealing with direct quotes here, writings we know they actually authored.) The legends of these people can amplify what they covered, how they acted, but it’s the same basic concepts. Even if you read biographies of the successful, you’ll find these same points.

They don’t need approval, they aren’t worried about their security, they aren’t escaping control or trying to control something – they just are. And they live in personal peace and with a very calm joy. They embody personal freedom.  They have everything they need or want, but spend most of what they acquire or accomplish on helping others with their lives.

Levenson said that one of the routes to enlightenment, to real personal freedom, was to live your life as a Master would. “Master” in this case are any of the myriad people we historically look up to. Because if you seek to live as a saint, all manner of stuff would come up for you to release. But as you continued to release, then all these would drop away and eventually, your inner Master would show through in everything you do or say, in all your beingness.

Funny that all of our hate, jealousy, bitterness – all this is simply made up. It’s not real. Any problems you are having out in the world are the result of your simply setting up these thought processes long ago. All life is really easy – if you are releasing as you go through it.

– – – –

I’m planning to do a full study of all this entails and to blog it here. Essentially, this will be the last version of “Go Thunk Yourself!” which need be written and published. Because Levenson is down to the bedrock of self help and we need nothing else.

This ties into Intuitional Living quite nicely.

And as my world becomes more peaceful, I hope to share this with you. It’s hard to beat living in the country on a farm and growing living things. Long walks while checking fence almost never fail to give inspiration – if I’m listening. And that, as I said, has long been the problem – learning how to listen.

My dreams often inspire me to blog, as this early am before breakfast and first coffee. But telling you what I’ve been discovering has been a way to improve the world and to help. You can see why the title of this piece. Quit living for the approval, security, or to get control (or escape control) of this world.

Start living with it and you’ll see it goes much, much easier.

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