Sedona Method and Quantum Jumping – scams-R-us?!?

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Are Quantum Jumping or Sedona Method actually scams? NO. Yes. Well, maybe…

But why do people think they could be?!?

You can get scammed by about anything in your life, including this blog.

While making myself an expert on scamming by spending the last couple years ferreting out data in order to get out from under some unscrupulous Internet Marketing ripoffs — one lesson came home:

If you don’t get what you want or expect, you think it’s a scam.

"Strangest Secret" Reference CollectionThe trick is that your own thoughts are traitors (as Shakespeare put it). If you think you can’t do something, you can’t. If you think something doesn’t work, it doesn’t. (See Earl Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret”.)

Sure, a very, very, very small percentage of people  did actually make it. As well they had some odd-ball, non repeatable successes when people fell into a rich niche no one else had particularly found. But the majority who were sold by these ripoff artists could not get their refund – the statistics were something like 1 in 10,000 actually made it.

The Sedona Method: How to Get Rid of Your Emotional Baggage and Live the Life You WantSedona Method and Quantum Jumping both work – if you want them to and are willing to see them through. In fact, using Sedona release techniques on Burt Goldman’s methods will actually make them work better – well, they can if you want them to.

And you can also get their touted results just by just sitting in a chair and being quiet – or taking a long walk in the woods. Doesn’t make them scams and it doesn’t prove they aren’t.

The basic underlying problem is that people want more and better stuff in their lives. And when they don’t get it, it’s a scam.

Well, here’s the basic: Life is basically a Scam.

Why? Because at the highest level of philosophy and spiritual awareness on this planet, from time immemorial, they’ve all held that life is basically an illusion. And that concept explains all thought, and mental process, and human condition below it.

Everything around you, you’ve put there. And everything that comes into your life, you make show up. And all the “scams” out there (name any number of them – higher education, government, military-industrial complex, corporations, environmental extremists, terrorism) and you’ll see they all have that same underlying situation – you made your self the “unwilling” effect of these guys. Because you wanted it that way.

Laughing at Obama: Volume IPolitics and government (along with their mainstream media flunkies) run scams all the time. Health care is scam upon scam, as are the politicians trying to “reform” it. This latest “H1N1” virus didn’t come from swine, but it lowered pig prices. And it is shorter and affects people less than the regular flu – but who is paying for all this air time the “TV journalists” are giving it and how about the price of those inoculations we are all supposed to be getting? More tax dollars wasted – but being taxed is a scam, too, isn’t it? Both recent presidents were scams – even if you voted for them.

The list – just – goes – on.

You don’t get what you expected or wanted – it’s a scam.

You actually can get anything you want in life via any method or technique. You can make any of these work. And you can make them all fail. Your choice.

But of course, you can also say that what I write here is simply a scam, can’t you?

CONCEIVE, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE!All the tests you take in school don’t prove anything. All the diplomas on the walls don’t prove a thing to anyone. All the money in the world doesn’t make you happy. People are going to believe what they want, what aligns with their other thoughts.

Like Patrick Swayze said, “The only think you take with you is your Love.”  This is what Charles Haanel was mentioning in his “Master Key System” – that Love is a primal element and creates everything else around it. And his methods, those 24 lessons, were quoted by “The Secret” – which is also held by some to be a scam.

The bottom line is what you believe and what you think. Above that is how much Create, how much Love you hold in your life. And those determine the quality of this illusion called life and living that we exist in.

So, again, it’s all your choice – and yours alone.

Scam, fame, or fortune – life is what you make it.

– – – –

Here’s the Powerpoint that matches – enjoy:

And – the podcast (5:23):

  1. BS Commenter says:

    If you buy a water heater that supposed heat up the water but it does not do that – guess what – it was a scam. Thanks for that get yourself scam free book – it should help in the future.

  2. Jim Vertigo says:

    You are so full of sh*t….

    (The rest of flaming post was edited out, as trolls will be trolls… doesn’t mean the rest of us have to put up with their rants. Let them start their own blog…)

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