You can't lose your Mind, but it can lose You.

Posted: September 25, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Now, right off the bat I have to remind you to not believe anything I say – always, always test everything for yourself.

There is more stuff from Levenson I’ve been working with (although I need to make more time to study him carefully and at length). And a friend pointed this out to me yesterday.

Some background is needed before I get into today’s excitement: Levenson wound up in a very interesting state when he was about 42. While a complete material success, his body was literally dying around him. And Hale Dwoskin talks about this in his intro lectures (free on his site) briefly.

What Lester had to do at that point was to solve this so he could keep on living. And the way he did that brought him in just three months to a form of personal enlightenment so intense that he couldn’t understand it – even as a trained physicist – so he spent several more years studying all the great religions and spiritual philosophies so that he could get his wits around what just happened to him.

And so there is a great deal of Eastern studies (as well as Western) in his references – where you listen to tapes  he recorded directly.

OK, now about this mental fiction we carry around –  well, at least our version of it is fiction.

Lester said that essentially, there is only one Mind and we are all just keeping ourselves separate from it by our individual and collected thoughts.

No, it’s not easy for me to get at this point, either – because it raises a whole lot more questions. But the main point is not to try to figure out how that could be, but just to first test to see if it works as described.

How this lines up is these quantum physicists which we encountered in “The Secret” and “What the (Bleep) do we know?” Fred Alan Wolfe was one (and I really need to look up the other guys) and they mentioned that the next real final frontier to explore is Mind – this is what they found in their studies, that Mind was present in all their experiments and would actually affect the outcome regardless.

And these guys had to also go back to Eastern studies to understand what they had discovered.

So the basic, in American English, is that there is one Mind and we have elected to separate ourselves from it for various reasons. That crazy mind you know isn’t the Mind that is all around us, just your personal little version of it. All those thoughts you have streaming around is what you think are your mind, but actually, they are just a tangled ball of yarn in a whole bag of yarn balls.

The great thing is that any ball of yarn can be unrolled (no matter how badly a playful kitten has snarled it up…)

The best way to do this that I’ve found is the Sedona Method of releasing. This quiets your mind like nothing else.

And allows you to do that “Intuitional Living” I’ve been talking about. Once you get your own individual thinking calmed down, then all manner of solutions start coming to you.

Just the way it works.

(Of course this explains insanity, and provides a method to help those who are “losing it”.)

Let me know what you think on this one. It seems to be a real doosey.


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