If you saw it on TV, they know you're stupid.

Posted: September 29, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Lifestyle Choice
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Look over the programming and content on either network television or cable and tell me that they don’t think you are stupid.

That they aren’t looking down on you as just another person to put their ads in front so you can buy their stuff.

Let’s compare their shows with the all-time great books.

  • Bible
  • Shakespeare
  • Indian classics as the Bhagavad Gita
  • 500-year bestsellers such as “Secretum Secretorum” (The Secret of Secrets) – (don’t worry, it was before printing presses and barely made the transition – but it was an Arabian classic for hundreds of years before it was “borrowed” for the European elites.)

Or you can go more modern with Dickens’ works, but let’s stay out of the 20th century where mass-marketing and dumbing-down of the general public has reached and attained heights of lunacy. (That made “Valley of the Dolls” an all-time fiction bestseller because is was sold in five or so colors at grocery store checkout stands.)

If it’s on TV, they don’t think you are stupid, they know it for a fact.

Which is why every single commercial uses Madison Avenue tactics to appeal to your emotions instead of your logic. Ever wondered why they call it the boob tube?

Top shows are about crime, crime, and crime – oh, and superheroes who kill people. If they aren’t “reality” TV shows which are completely unreal and never happen in real life. (Come out and film me checking cattle, repairing farm equipment, fixing fence, and sitting in front of my computer by myself – do you thing this would sell advertising? – or would you rather see quasi-celebrity types eating bugs in the Amazon while they do truly silly competitions? Both are as interesting, but one “sells” television ads – does this mean they also think advertisers are stupid?)

And then there is what they call the “news” which is a half-hour of “top” stories and supposed to condense the entire day into 30 minutes so that you can “keep informed” – what they don’t tell you is what else went on in the world, or what they don’t want to tell you about. And that you already know about what your news media channel is about to say, because cable news and the Internet beat them to it hours ago. Just another government scam.

How about that TV special called “Swine Flu”, which never came from pigs (it actually was the other way around – they get sick from us) and depressed pork prices. And also is less dangerous than regular flu. Or how they always lean left but say that they are really centrist. It’s a story how they favor one candidate over the other in every election – all three main networks at the same time. Sounds like another government scam.

Funny thing is, their credibility stays at an average of 30%, which is just above Congress and used-car salemen. (Lawyers are at the bottom, but that’s OK, they have a lobby to get laws past just for them – and most politicians are lawyers, too – a step up from the Geico caveman.)

And when is the last time you learned anything from an Infomercial that immediately improved your health, income, intelligence, or personal relationships?

Look, TV is written and produced for the lowest common denominator of our society – to sell them stuff. That’s it. Nothing more.

Is it really worth your time watching it for any reason at all?  You can get all the news or titellation you want from the Internet. Even the tabloid stuff – but you pick what you want to see or involve yourself with. Nothing is force fed you.

You can be as intelligent or stupid as you want. But we all aren’t stupid.

My advice: turn off the TV – and leave it off. (Worst case scenario – record the sports games and play them back when you have time by skipping through the commercials, but the warning still exists – the announcers dumb it down for you.)

Be as smart as you want – but get over your dumb-downed TV.

  1. Tamara says:

    I love your article! From time to time I stop watching TV so I can catch up on how I think apart from all the force fed garbage. I agree with what you said about the news, commercials, infomercials, the so-called “Swine flu” that they are trying to get everyone to get vaccinated against (which I am not, I’ve had the flu before. A couple days rest and good nutrition is all the immune system needs to rid the body of the virus). I also hate watching sports on TV because of the announcers. I really wish I could see ice-skating and gymnastics without the announcers. Those are the worst to me. And, don’t even get me started on those terror programs they call “the News”! They tell you everything BUT what you need to know.
    Thanks for the reminder!

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