You already know the route to all the Happiness and Freedom you could ever want…

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Hard to believe you already know this – it’s just going to take someone point it out for you…

This secret route has been known since the early 1950’s. It didn’t really show up in “The Secret”, although one of its proponents and teachers (Hale Dwoskin) was in that DVD/movie.

Lester Levenson discovered in in 1952, after being sent home to die by his doctor – told not to get out of bed or make any physical effort of any kind. (But the doctor didn’t tell him he couldn’t use his mind to sort out his life from the inside out.)

The breakthrough was in learning to let go of all the self-limiting thinking he was doing and just learn to live life simply. He found that all the Happiness he had ever been searching for was already in side of him – and he had been keeping it from showing up through all these habitual thoughts he had kept around during the earlier 42 years of his life.

Of course, it took something like another 16 years before he could figure out what he had done and how to teach it to others so they could learn it, too.

I’m still studying Levenson and his Sedona Method, although the tapes seem hard to find these days. Hale Dwoskin and Larry Crane, among others, have picked up this banner. Of course, they are bringing it to people in the way they want, which is to solve the material needs first.

And that’s where people consider that Sedona Method is a scam, because it doesn’t immediately give them everything they want. Hale Dwoskin covers this in several recordings – that by working on your Health, you might get Success or Prosperity showing up – or some other feature of your health being improved.

But I’m getting way beyond the scope of this little post. If you’re interested, you’re going to have to do some more homework on your own. (See links above, or other posts on this site.)

In studying more of Levenson, what he revealed as the cause of his near-death experience was his own attitude toward the world. And by sitting quietly and using his own mind, he was able to reverse these effects in just a few months – and also climb into states of high bliss which few humankind have ever experienced, even briefly.

And along the way, he found the underlying explanations and techniques that enable a person to get anything and everything they want from this world. Anything and everything.

Doesn’t mean it comes to you instantly, although it can. It’s going to take some work on your part. It all depends on how much you are completely willing to give up everything first. And of course, that seems contradictory. But I’m not going to try to explain why it works that way.

Here’s a video where Levenson, in his classic New York accent and approach, lays it out for a small class of students in Arizona:

Lester Levenson Fireside Chat 1

Why I bring this to you is simple – I care about your future and that of the world around you.

I’ve been covering the Golden Rule here for a long time – many, many posts. The short hand version is thsi: You have to give before you can get.

Now some have this down to just, only, and exactly how much money do they have to pay to get a CD set that will help them get the pay raise or new car or cash bonus they want to show up in their lives. And some are simply working at visualizing every day to get things to show up.

And while these will work, most don’t find they can get them to work just by reading a book or listening to a tape or DVD. (Although “The Secret” is a good introduction to this approach.)

As the intro to that above recording goes – you have to listen with your heart. Put your thinking aside.

Because all your thinking has gotten you into any particular situation you are in right now – any lack you are experienceing.

What the Sedona Method does is to calm the mind so that your native Self can show up and start working.

And there is a built-in trap mechanism that will ultimately give you a huge loss, a catastrophy if you don’t really give it all up. That’s what Levenson said in the video above. Because, yes, you can get every single thing you ever wanted in this world – and they will all show up for you. But if you don’t move beyond that bliss point where you have the entire universe at your feet, then it will all come crashing down around you.

You have to be able to give it all up.

Because that is the way we’ve set this Universe up to operate. Like death, as Patrick Swayze would quote from one of his movies – you only take the love you hold within you. All these material things around you aren’t worth a tinker’s damn in the final reckoning.

And as you get this idea into your life right now, you can have an incredible life of unlimited Happiness, Joy, and everything you need to accomplish your basic purpose, your passion, your unending bliss on this planet.

It’s been there, really all the time, just waiting for you. As Jesus said, you already have Heaven within you.

But the way to find it isn’t within any particular religion or spiritual philosophy, but is in all of them.Check their basic books and you’ll see this to be true.

The trick is in how much you want to find it.

  1. beebe says:

    Unfortunately, the information from Bert Goldman didn’t work for me. After wasting $99.00 dollars, I’m very disappointed. But I guess I should have really looked at your post on how quantum jumping is turned into a scam – would have helped me one way or the other.


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