When scam skeptics need debunking – their tin foil hat is showing

Posted: October 1, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Lifestyle Choice
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Dont wear your tin foil hat to bed.

Don't wear your tin foil hat to bed.

Sorry to bring you another quasi-rant today.

I went to check out other blogs about this supposed Burt Goldman Quantum Jumping scam and found a doozy – over at Skepacabra. And unfortunately, this “mjr256” (real name missing from his blog) seems to be more about tearing stuff apart rather than the pursuit of truth – or at least workable truths.

And unfortunately, his slip is showing in the post I linked to above. He’s so skeptical, I don’t know that he knows how the Scientific Method is applied – while he can claim that there is no “scientific” basis for anything that he levels in his sites, particularly Quantum Jumping.

On this blog, I’ve covered why and how it doesn’t work – and how it can easily be made into a scam.  I just disagree with this author’s approach to the subject – since he doesn’t seem to understand that the way you treat others is exactly how you are going to be treated – whether you “believe” in the Golden Rule or deny it. (If you look around for proof, then you’ll find plenty of it – if you simply deny it as a truth, you’ll also be perfectly right. But those who take advantage of it will live far more comfortable, even prosperous lives.)

Such debunkers are no experts in living or in life and so should be taken with a large grain of salt before  you base your lifestyle choice on what they write.

So, here’s the rant-du-jour:

There is a problem with your critical analysis of this – mainly that it’s one of the easiest things to believe = nothing. And criticism really just involves your world with more criticism.

Look, you probably believe in the Government and all that it’s done for you. Well, that belief won’t hold up under your own Baloney Detector Kit. The government is a scam which doesn’t work. Yet people (are forced to) believe in it.

As far as scientific studies, I love the one which said 50% of all scientific studies contradicted the other 50%. (And your baloney detection kit wasn’t applied to their own example of Global Warming, which is disproved by the correlation between sunspot data and recorded temperatures.)

With beliefs, you build your own belief system around you. People cherry pick all day long and only accept things which support their mental habits up to that point. No one is really wrong in this – it’s the way we’ve been set up. Politics is great for blind-siding people this way – by only giving them data which they can use to support their own views.

The conspiracy theorists (like your tin hat above) are constantly ragged on for this – since they are compiling data and proposing conclusions the rest of us would rather not agree with, and so, Believe.

(Like that popular FBI show about UFO’s – “I believe.”)

While you diss people who suspend disbelief, you also diss just about everyone in that category. When you go into a movie theater, if you don’t disbelieve reality for the hour or so of that money, you won’t enjoy it. All scientific method is based on having an open mind about the result – and running impartial tests with double-blind studies to show what results can be achieved.

By blinding and rigidly holding on to only a single set of beliefs, you live in a very boring and increasingly dangerous world – since only you are the one who isn’t evolving and can’t even get your car fixed when it breaks (because you can’t let go of the belief that it’s running just fine.)

Hyper-critical reviews of a subject are great for getting your blog to the top of the standings – particularly if you do it first. However, it doesn’t mean you are actually providing anyone else with any valuable information.

Belief what you will, disbelieve what you will. Doesn’t really matter in the final outcome, does it?

What you and everyone around you is looking for won’t be found by being critical of the entire world around you. These people are known as “bitter” and usually have few true friends. (Who wants to be criticized all the time?)

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

That’s a challenge – if you can suspend your beliefs long enough…

  1. Skepacabra says:

    Methinks you protest too much. While there are certainly claims that need to be taken seriously and require time-intensive scientific inquiry, many are just too silly to even entertain or warrant anything more than ridicule, especially since we live in a world where often the mere fact that scientists have seriously investigated a particular claim at all, regardless of their conclusions, can be exploited by scam artists and true believers to justify their nonsense (See: Project Stargate). What can be asserted without evidence can be just as easily dismissed without evidence and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    The day the Quantum Jumping people (who incidentally reveal immediately to not even understanding what “quantum” even means) get published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal and the consensus of experts in related fields embrace their amazing technology, I’ll begin to take them seriously. Until then, they might as well be claiming the existence of Santa Claus, Russell’s Celestial Teapot, the invisible dragon in Carl Sagan’s garage, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    “Ridicule is he only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    • Robert Worstell says:

      @Skepacabra: And thank you for replying. But perhaps some need that “invisible dragon” to ease their passage through life. Certainly a couple hundred bucks for a CD set isn’t the same as some of the Utah Internet Coaching scammers who are raking in over $6000 per elderly boomer they drop-kick into debt they can never pay off – for a sure-fire business opportunity which never delivers.

      I don’t know that you’ve ever been the butt of a real scam, or actually helped people to get their refund. I have and I know many who continue to do as I do. Saying something is unscientific bunk is itself a “scam” – when it hurts no one, but helps many. And that is where many dialectic materialist “scientists” hold anything spiritual as a scam – because it doesn’t fit their extremely narrow mindset. Like that video you had on who honestly believed Al Gore’s fiction on Global Warming was real and actual. – their own invisible dragon, or Great Pumpkin.

      My point is that it is too easy to criticize someone else, even when they hold that simple belief that “doilies on the furniture help keep it cleaner” makes their life easier – and it’s too easy to tell them there is no scientific basis for any belief, much less doilies.

      Which might be the issue I really took with your site – but if tearing apart harmless belief-systems helps you live life, then perhaps the over-wrought protests are needed. Hyper-criticism met with hyper-protest – does anyone win if nothing is served by the contest?

      But otherwise, your site is quite amusing. Keep up the good work.

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