All about the Robert Worstell scam… exposed!

Posted: October 3, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Is Robert Worstell a scam?

Sure I am.

Fully 97% of what I say here is useless to you. And I can admit this with complete certainty that it is true.

Because it’s based on the scientific certainty of all those graduate and post-graduate studies cover on human behavior, commonly described as a “Bell Curve.”

Their descriptive mathematical profundity says that out of all the stuff you study, you reject around 97% of all that you read or listen to or experience – because it doesn’t meet your own belief-system, your own world-view.

You are only going to use about 3% of anything I bring up here.

Of course that’s true for every single thing you study, every single website. So I’m really a scammer now – I’m saying that everyone else out there is running a scam also.

Well — they are, you know. Down deep, you do know.

The other thing that makes me a scam is that I only deal in Metaphysics and all that la-de-dah stuff which you have to believe first in order to make it happen. I’ve even got degrees in this stuff – no, they aren’t from any Ivy-covered, Alumni-sponsored, Good Old Boy Academia. But I paid my dues to study all this stuff, wrote my papers and theses and so on. I can quote all this Metaphysical stuff by the yard.

Of course, there’s no “real science” to it. Sure, it’s been proved that a lot of this actually heals people, actually will help people achieve their goals, actually makes people feel better one-for-one — provided that they actually have faith in the books and writers and material that I present here.

But the super-science boys are all against this type of stuff. But they’ve reached a dead-end. It actually happened years ago – when they went beyond the smallest possible particle they could study. None of all the various “laws” and “rules” they had established for how the Universe operates – none of that seemed to work dependably at quantum levels.

Turns out they found the scientific equivalent of God down there. And several of them returned to ancient spiritual texts to actually start making sense out of it all.

And that heady stuff is where I started – and what you’ll find here.

So all that I cover is simply and easily attacked as a scam.

Welcome to being scammed – and feeling good about it.

I offer a complete line of all those “get anything and everything you want in life” books over at, where you’ll find all the authors like Wallace Wattles, Charles Haanel, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, – tons of all those “feel good” authors who made a living from inspirational and motivational books.

All scammers and quacks. Well, at least if you listen to the hard-boiled skeptics.

But you can live a better life – and the people who buy these books know that. They aren’t deterred because people around them are skeptical, critical, and generally negative. And they can generate faith at the drop of a hat.

The reason came up because I ran across a professional skeptic – who trusts things so little he won’t even use his real name online. And when I pointed out that being critical all the time would wind up with very few true friends (well, only those who didn’t mind being criticized right, left, and center.) He thought I “doth protest too much”. And my considered opinion was that he “doth skepticize too much.”

Different strokes for different folks.

So, join me in my scams. We can have some fun and maybe find personal freedom and happiness beyond anything anyone of his science boys has dug up.

Good Hunting!


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