Does the government have a low self-esteem problem?

Posted: October 4, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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One might think so. Look how they are treating the people who elected them.

The conspiracists are having a hay-day – it seems to get worse with every new administration. I’ve even begun to think that the end of the Mayan calendar coinciding with 2012 was perhaps intended that way – it is an election year and all that…

If there is a self-esteem problem with the government, it is reflecting on the people it is supposed to serve. Look at these town hall meetings where the representatives are nominally supposed to sample their constituents’ collective pulse. Unfortunately, they were apparently sent out with talking points about how to “sell” the government health care reform package. And got widely booed. But then they booed back with Pelosi making references to brown-shirts and “astro-turf” (meaning Nazi’s and fake grass-roots). Unfortunately, the problem is within the government officials we elected to represent us.

So, by extension, their lack of self image is our own lack of self confidence and esteem.

But lets look over government closely. Government exists on a reverse Golden Rule basis. While you are treated only as well as you treat others, and so you get only as good as you give – our elected politicians can only give after they receive. That’s called taxes and pork-barrel spending.

Lobbyist seem to be an exception to this, since they have to deliver a service first in order to get sufficient fund so that they can donate them to re-election campaigns and get the favor of various officials so they can continue to give good service. Company’s with bad service, lobbyists or not, won’t stay in business long – people vote with their pocketbooks.

But government officials (not career employees) and lobbyists have that in common: government exists only to the degree that we put up with them. We give, and expect a return to the degree that we give.

The trick in this, if you study Wallace Wattles’ “Science of Getting Rich” – is that we’ve not actually “taken care with every single bit” of the job we expect them to do. We don’t ask to get a copy of the bills they are voting on in order that we can tell them our opinion of how they should cast our represented vote. We probably aren’t sending them a letter, email, or fax, or phone call about the issues of the day.

To the exact degree we don’t pay attention to them, they won’t then pay attention to us. And so they run on auto-pilot – and listen to lobbyists who see them on a regular basis to pay attention to them.

Now, just ignoring government might or might not make it go away. If people home-schooled their kids, or set up cooperatives to do this on local levels, then concern about public funding of schools would be negligible. If states didn’t accept federal “match this or else” grants, then we wouldn’t have to listen to government mandates for how states should do this or that.

There is a whole course in whether government is even necessary over at – a fascinatingly logical approach to this.

With no (or severely limited) government, we’d be able to take advantage of more business opportunities – as well as home-based businesses. Simply because there wouldn’t be excessive taxation just to keep all those government employees and programs running.

And you’d be able to simply contract with your doctor for regular primary care without insurance companies and lawyers making your fees go out the roof.

To paraphrase Pogo: We’ve met the government esteem problem – and they is us.

Whatever we want to do for ourselves, it’s usually done more efficiently and effectively if it’s done on a individual or corporate basis than waiting for or expecting the government to get involved. (Katrina aid got worse after the government arrived.) Check this out for yourself and see if it isn’t true for you as well.

And we’d be able to get away from a very small, select group of people putting through some inane mandate that affects people who they don’t even know. Like the HSUS shutting down animal shelters and then killing all the animals in it – while they try to tell us all to be vegans. Or ACORN – what a mess. Not to mention what they are trying with Health Care instead of allowing more competition between state insurance companies and restricting lawyers from frivolous lawsuits (but you probably can’t expect elected lawyers do anything about that…)

My favorite approach would be to really pay attention to the elections and always vote the incumbent out. Public-enforced term limits.

But your own mileage on this may vary widely.

This doesn’t mean you should drop all your Sedona Method release technique approaches and quit releasing on the approval, control, and security that having a government might give you. Practically, we should just work at releasing on having a government at all. And then look what shows up. Allow ourselves to have an orderly, sensible, self-managed planet which lives at peace and constantly works to improve everyone’s abundance.

By working at this, making it a goal, we can all use our personal improvement skills to create this new age for humankind.

That is my hope and wish for this world. I am confident it succeeds.


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