Be the author of your own life story. Truth and Responsibility

Posted: October 9, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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It’s just too easy to say life is an open book. Especially when you say that someone else wrote it. But practically, there is no way around the fact that you are the author of your own life’s story – the plot is yours alone, as well as the actions of practically all the characters in it.

I’ve been going on for awhile about how the Golden Rule works around you all the time, that it can’t be avoided or negated – it just is. Regardless of whether you “believe in it” or not, regardless of your faith. It just is.

So that means, essentially, that regardless of your relationship with God, a great deal of what is around you right now is the result of your actions or inactions – if not all of them.

Now this takes you a bit beyond “The Secret” and what it said. Wallace Wattles (Science of Getting Rich) and others have made a great deal about your needing to be grateful for what you have in order to get more of anything you want. And that is all very true. But this concept above takes you a bit beyond that point.

It really takes you a step toward what Lester Levenson is talking about with his original Sedona Method teachings. And this is where the common sense of “The Secret” meets the extreme metaphysics of Levenson.

The world around you, for all practical purposes (and within believable limits) is what you put there. If you’ve been critical toward others, you’ve gotten some criticism into your life in return. Where you’ve been caring and appreciative, you’ve seen some care and appreciation come into your life. Where you have openhandedly helped others achieve their own goals – you’ve received some unexpected help with whatever you have elected to achieve.

So with this we are seeing that the more responsible you are for the world around you, the more it turns closer to Heaven on earth. Because the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, as Jesus said. You just have to “let your light shine” so that it starts showing around you.

And that’s where Levenson’s release technique comes into play.

What is holding you back from simply being gracious with everyone around you and helping everyone in sight to be and do their best for the people who surround them? Our own thoughts are traitors, as Earl Nightingale quoted Shakespeare. That is exactly the problem we face – the prison for our soul is composed of those habitual thoughts we’ve kept to tell us how to react in various circumstances. Fear, anger, distrust, apathy, worry, anxiety – all these reactions are those we’ve put there and still hold in place.

Get rid of these and you can see and foster more good in people around you. And more and more of that goodness then comes into your own life. Because the Golden Rule is inexorable. Happens anyway. Like it or not.

Releasing just allows you to get over all those negative thoughts, releasing allows your own internal happiness and joy to show up more and more frequently. No effort.

The next time you feel like doing something to someone that you wouldn’t like having happen to you – try this:

  • Pause for a moment.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth – slowly.
  • Then simply accept that emotion which is coming in. Let it really show up in full – don’t act on it, just let it be.
  • Then see if you can simply let it go, release it.
  • Now, go ahead and treat that person the way you’d like it.

Too often, it will simply go away on just those few steps. (Hale Dwoskin and Larry Crane have more steps you can learn for free on how to do this over at their Sedona Method sites.)

But as you keep this up, and constantly work to help others around you in just the way you’d like to have happen to you if you were in their situation – keep releasing all feelings you have coming into you which tell you not to act that way… Then the world around you starts to even out. And you’ll see gratitude start swelling up in you for everything around you – because you are being responsible for that world and are appreciative of all that you helped bring into your life.

Try it and see for yourself.

And let me know your results…


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