The Way: How to begin – as Freedom takes over your life

Posted: October 14, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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When seeking Freedom becomes more important to you than seeking the World and all it’s “benefits”, then this search tends to “take over” your life.

Of course, that’s a good thing. Because all your own innate Freedom starts rushing to the surface of your consciousness and everything starts to align with it. Of course, as you go, you have to keep releasing the bliss that shows up.

These notes are coming straight from the heart, so please study them carefully. They may seem disjointed, or non-sequitur. But they are simply notes. I’m working to get these out and to you as fast as I can so that you get the main points which have to be told.

This will be about 16 posts in lesson format starting just after this one. They’ll also be showing up as a free ebook and a lesson series you can get delivered to your email.

Let’s have some basics here:
Negatives tend to disappear and get replaced by “less-positives”. Because negatives don’t exist – everytime you say a don’t, a can’t, a won’t – anything with a not in it, it’s a lie. The universe only exists on positives and less-positives. The positive always exists, even in very low levels. The terms “negative” and “not” and others like that, are simply placeholders. They tell you to consider the idea that there is so little of something that it might not be perceptible. Nothing, for all practical purposes. But there is always still something there.

And so you can see the uselessness of a concept such as Hell or Damnation. Practically, there are interpretations of the Bible which say the worst place possible is just the worst you can imagine. Not that it actually exists – except in your mind. Practically, as Heaven is within you, so is Hell. Your choice.

Now, a point of disclaimer:
These ideas are mostly direct from Levenson’s book, “Keys to the Ultimate Freedom”, but also from his tapes as noted. Other sources are linked. If something I say doesn’t make sense, just reject it and move on. If you need it later, it will be there for your use. The reason for these two statements is simple – it’s your own Freedom, Happiness, and Joy which are important, not mine or anyone else. For all I know, I’ve ceased to exist on this earth for a very long time by the time you read this. Dust doesn’t care. History doesn’t care. Death doesn’t care. Legacies are built to serve those who haven’t attained their own Freedom. So I’ll be pointing out things – more as a tour guide than anything else. If someone said something important, I’ll work to get it exactly and post it as a quote. If you want to look it up, then do so. (If I mention something that isn’t on the Internet broadly, I’ll reference that source so you can find it. But realize that it’s not the messenger that is important, it’s the message.)

The key point is that you find your own Freedom. No one can do it for you. You can’t buy it in any store. No one can give it to you. You have to earn it. And this earning is by doing less and less and less. Hard work isn’t part of it. Dedication is.

We’ll be going down that road of having a “burning desire”. Like tying a carrot (or the best treat you can imagine) to a long pole that you stick out in front of you just out of reach. Of course, you keep moving forward to try to get that treat.

Freedom is like those sirens the sailors used to hear, but the sirens don’t call you to sail into their rocks, they call you to quit spending your time sailing to make a living and instead start living in earnest.

As Freedom calls you, a lot of stuff is going to drop away as less important and less vital. Just let it go.


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