Speed up and get there faster without moving at all.

Posted: October 16, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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This isn’t some sort of Alice in Wonderland scene where you have to run as fast as you can just to stay in the same place. (Although many of us may have had jobs which were like that at times.)

The Levenson phrase is “Don’t release to get high. Go high to release.”

As you reach higher levels by releasing, learning more and more to seek more freedom at every turn instead of more world, as you learn to quit doing and witness more – you reach a very high internal energy level where things will simply start disapearing on their own.

The release technique is too simple. A lot of people have worked to make it reachable by others – since if it were complicated, everyone would know it. But when you grasp the basics, then it can and should become second nature.

The whole point is to get the habit of releasing to replace the bulk of the mental habits you have. If you have any emotion coming in, then release it. If you aren’t at peace constantly, release whatever it is that you have your attention on (or are trying to keep from having your attention on.) You want to find your own internal peace (which actually comes from the Universe) and let it flow out from you into the world you live in. Anything that blocks this flow – just let it go.

You want to get to these high levels as fast as you can, since this will make that flow a torrent. Of course, any bliss that shows up, release that as well. It’s not a state of ecstasy you want to achieve. It’s a calm, sedate, simple way of living where there is no rush, there is no excitement, everything is just fine, everything is just perfect.

And it’s that way all the time.

So get releasing down to just a two-step process – see something, let it go. Eventually, things just start cascading, as your internal flow just rolls things out of your system faster than you can even consider what it was that you had your attention on a few moments ago – but that’s OK, it doesn’t matter: the Universe is perfect.

Probably won’t happen overnight. But you may wind up woken up in the night with some inspiration, something you have to do right now. As you let go and let the Universe, this will happen more and more. But it’s always for the better – you’re just going to get rid of some old “hold-me-back” habit and replace it with something better.

Yes, this changes your life radically. As you are able to let these old things go, then your life will improve to that degree. The stuff you hold onto is holding you back. While we can’t all necessarily just move off into remote caves or monasteries to live lives of quiet contemplation, most of us won’t be called to do that. Just not the way this Universe operates – at this level, anyway.

The point is to be as responsible as you can for your own earlier mental habits and release these as fast as you can find them. Release being stuck if you find yourself stuck (just another mental habit). Release everything and get everything by releasing.

This becomes the KISS-BUTT system (borrowing from two Sedona Method schools):

1. KeepIt Simple, Sweetheart. (Stephen Seretan)

2. Sit on your butt and get everything you want or need by releasing. (Larry Crane)

With that unsanctified levity, let’s wrap it up for today. Another lesson tomorrow.


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