The unimportance of importances

Posted: October 17, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Nothing is really important.

Sure, there are things you should do to keep living on this planet. But let the Universe show you what these are.

Take “your passion in life”. Most people draw a blank when you ask them what they feel their purpose in life is – what they are here to accomplish in this lifetime. But that’s usual. Most people have the bulk of the Universe walled off so it can’t get out. Most people “work” at “jobs” to “make money” or “make a living.”

And some people get paid to play baseball or some other sport for a living. They retire when they are in their 30’s or 40’s and manage real estate or golf all day, or some such. And the bulk of us these days have several careers.

I know of an organization that set about to find out the basic purpose of all their employees. They set up a huge program and put all their staff through it. But when the results started coming out, they found out that a small percentage of people were simply quitting their jobs as it wasn’t what they really wanted to do with their lives. Of course that was a disruption. So management quickly came down with a correction that revised the program into “finding what their purpose for their job was”. This stopped the turnover. But it was trying to put a cork in the genie’s bottle. (Frankly, they already had turnover all the time because people were frustrated from their denied purposes already. So their revision solved nothing in fact.)

I was one of those people who saw this and simply moved out of their way – into the Way which the Universe was going. Like was said earlier – you have to let your light shine. It’s far easier and more comfortable than any corporate job working for someone else – unless that is exactly what you should be doing.

The Sedona Method release technique simply help you find and confirm your passion.

If you’re happy, contented, and everything is going fine around you – then you are on the right path for you. Simple. Because the world is perfect.

And this is why I don’t mention earlier Masters here, or quote the legacy or writings of others. What good would it do? Someone pulling off a miracle just builds resistance in others so they can’t follow as easily. Sure, if everyone were pulling off miracles every day, then it’s common place. Like flying in an airplane, or driving along a road while you’re sitting still inside a car. Or holding a piece of plastic to your ear and talking to someone on another continent. Miracles in the 1800’s – not today.

Learn from the world around you, but more importantly, let the Universe already within you give you the lessons you need next. Let your light shine.

Here is one importance you can and should reject until you possibly can make it your own – testing it for yourself:

Whatever you want, give it away to someone else first in order to make it show up. That’s one version of the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Cheer someone else up in order to be happiest yourself. Help others be successful and your success is assured. If you don’t have something, figure out how to help someone else get it – first.

Of course that flies in the face of any idea of competition. But competition is a lie, anyway, isn’t it? “Level playing fields” are fantasies. No such thing. Winners simply out-create others. Sports are putting a bunch of talented people onto a arena where they are hampered by various rules and “now your supposed to’s” so they can excel to produce a very, very narrow range of accomplishments. The Universe isn’t like that. Everyone excels in their own specialty. And there are just as many specialties as their are people.

So this of course comes in as: “many paths up the mountain”. What is important for you isn’t as important for the next guy.

Listen to the Universe within you – your own particular flavor. That’s where your Freedom is going to shine from. And it’s your Freedom, not the next guy’s.

Until tomorrow…


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