How to make your own luck

Posted: October 19, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Being “lucky” is something no one has really ever been able to define. Mostly because the don’t know how it happens or how to create it.

Some people “feel” lucky and won’t buy a lottery ticket unless they have that feeling. But they can’t tell anyone else how to feel that way. It runs in some families, particularly among females, but again – there’s no particular DNA strand or link or coding that really says what makes lucky people that way. (And if they did, I suppose they think we’re going to have some sort of re-coding surgery to “correct” it? Painful.)

What I’ve known about luck up to this point (and before I tell you about a recent breakthrough) – was two things:

  1. You can only “make” your own luck – by positive thinking and pro-active living.
  2. The old quote, “Luck is opportunity met with preparation.”

And while you can see that these are related, and both quite sensible, they still fall quite short.

  • While you can be as pro-active as you want, this means luck is dependent on working hard – and you can work yourself to death thinking as positive as you want and still have horrible luck – even “dying in the traces.”
  • If you don’t know how to prepare for the luck which is supposed to fall into your lap, you might as well stay in school for the rest of your life – because how are you supposed to know what luck to prepare for?

The way I’ve stumbled on lately seems the most direct route.

Use Levenson’s Sedona Method releasing technique.

Of course, this is “Law of Attraction” on steroids. You simply see what you really want out of life and release all the reasons you can’t have it, or aren’t worthy, or how having it “gets back at” people, or whatever feeling that comes in when you get that concept. You don’t push the other feelings away, you just let them go.

Of course, Larry Crane and Hale Dwoskin have their own ways and approaches to get this done. But they are both based on the original Lester Levenson research.

And this really boils down to simply getting the effort out of your life – which is really just improving your “luck-ability” score. Anyone you’ve ever heard about or met wasn’t working hard or studying their butts off when that lucky event showed up in their life. They were taking it easy and the luck wasn’t even expected.

That’s what releasing does. You get all the effort out of your life, and definitely, certainly quit thinking about it.

In earlier posts, I’ve covered this as “intuitional living” – and now we could actually call it effortless living.

The person who is luckiest in life simply considers something, releases every thought or feeling they have about it and then lets the Universe bring it to them on it’s terms. Like Wallace Wattles said about using the normal lines of industry and commerce.

Sure, there’s a few other details to it, like always picturing it in the Now – so you always see yourself as having this already in your life – but it’s really simple and easy once you study the basics.

So I invite you to check out the links above and put these into your life as continuing habits.

And get incredibly lucky all the time at everything.



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