Love and life without limits

Posted: October 20, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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You may recall that we’ve gone over this point that all people, all humankind (and this also extends to all life and maybe even inanimate matter according to the quantum physicists) – that we are all connected some how, some way.

The only thing that keeps us separate is our own oddball ideas that we are separate.

And, of course, you eliminate these oddball thoughts by using the releasing technique constantly.

Once you do that, do you know what happens?

Unconditional love.

At that point, there is no one you can’t get along with, no one that distresses you, no person or animal which doesn’t respond positively when you communicate with it.

Because without all those thoughts holding you back, you are in a state of unconditional love with the world around you.

It’s kind of weird, I guess, to think this way. (But you can always release that “weirdness” thought, can’t you…)

Our most ancient philosophical and religious traditions hold this to be true. We are all connected.

Which gives another reason for quieting the mind. What you think, others can experience. You can’t disconnect or shut down those lines. They are hard-wired, always on.

But you can quiet your mind, constantly release the thoughts that come in. You can live in peace and constant happiness – which is then what you are sending out to the world.

You can express unconditional love to those around you.

Now this doesn’t mean you just lay down and become a victim – far from it. In fact, people who can’t control their negative thoughts will start to stay away from you. Because they also know that the Golden Rule works regardless. And they don’t want to share those negative thoughts with you, as they’ll come right back to them.

Of course you can suggest they learn the Sedona Method releasing techniques. They may or may not take your suggestion. But just keep to your own level of internal peace and unconditional love and help them however you can.

Meanwhile, just continue to release any thought that comes in and work for that higher Goal of letting your own Personal Freedom come out.

The world around you will probably calm down immensely. Imagine a board room where all the executives in it were completely calm and in communication with each other. Makes for short meetings, very efficient.

So there is a reason for me to write this, for you to read it, for us to help people find their way to this technique.

See what you can do today to help someone else find their way to this. If it’s a hassle, or a problem, then just sit and release on it.

And if you really want someone to find this, then take that as a Goal and release it as happening.

See you tomorrow…


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