The trick is to get the ego to undo the ego, the mind to undo the mind

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As we’ve covered before, the mind and the ego are mostly composed of fiction. You’ve set up various thoughts as solutions to problems and hold them in place so you have a ready answer to anything that comes in front of you.

Unfortunately, these all have limits on your actual ability.

Thoughts are always, dependably, second to action. Action occurs without thinking. Like your blood circulating and your breathing. Sure, if you work at controlling your breathing, you can lower your heart rate.

To do this you have to concentrate.

To concentrate, you have to shut out other thoughts than the single one you are working on.

The problem is that most people can’t do this. The vast majority of people just let those 50-60,000 thoughts a minute just race through their head, willy-nilly. And they try to get them to shut up by watching TV, listening to loud music, drinking alcohol, or taking other drugs – or some combination of the above.

If you want personal Freedom, you are going to have to quiet the mind.

Releasing technique allows you to just let go of the thoughts you’ve been holding onto and then the mind quiets. It’s that simple.

And as you quiet the mind, your ego also tends to start to vanish. You start to look at the world for what it is, which needs very little thought. You can cease to be required to act, but just start watching this fantastic world around us go through its paces.

Sure, you are going to want to help out and do things – but you don’t have to anymore. The difference is extraordinary.

You can now live your life exactly the way you’ve always wanted to – free from others’ control, approval, or any need for security. You’ll have few, if any, fears – including dying itself. When something does come up, you simply look at it for what it is and then let it go.

Your ego simply becomes a mirror of the world around you – like Teflon, nothing sticks to it. So you can simply start helping out wherever you are needed – or following the intuitive glimpses you receive to fulfill whatever passion you find you now have (which you’ve had all along, but were too busy thinking about it…)

There is no chance that you will lose your mind or your ego. You’ll still be you. But you’ll be more you, and your mind will be your own – not cluttered with others opinions of you or fears of what they might think or what might happen to you.

Try it and see.

Just be still for a moment – right now. Take whatever thought or feeling that comes in and accept it, then let it go. And then keep doing it. Funny enough, even if you think it’s the same thought – it will be a lesser shadow of that thought, or a slightly different version. And as you keep confronting it and letting it go, it will get less and less.

Once you get releasing down to a consistent tool in your life, your mind will markedly quiet. You’ll have more peace in your life, more happiness. You’ll appreciate the world around you and have a lot more to give in return for all you’ve been given.

But you won’t get there by just reading this.

Try it for yourself. See what results you can get.

See you tomorrow…

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