What we are all after is both different and the same

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Going through some of the old Levenson Sedona Method materials brings to mind to explain what this series of lessons is about and who it is for.

I’m not here to explain how the Sedona System release technique works or to sell you on any particular kind or type. You’ll find on this site many links to stuff about Levenson and all the teachers who have picked up his method and run with it.

You won’t find a lot of Levenson or the others repeated much here. Reason being is that you need to find out for yourself. And the other point is that it really doesn’t matter that much. When you understand the core material of how to release, then it’s really simple after that. The hardest point is keeping going right on out.

This world we live in is filled with every reason not to continue and not to regain your Freedom. That Freedom, your own perpetual and personal peace and happiness – they all lie within as they always have. There are far too, too many stories where (like Acres of Diamonds) the person went off searching for something when he already had it right at home to begin with.

And all these teachers are taking the risk of all sorts of alienation and being compared to a scam and so on. Practically, they are just there to help you.

The way each of these various teachers help you is to educate you on the basics of releasing and then simply get out of your way to let you do it. They each have their systems, but it’s no different in its basics.

All the problems, the pains, even the illnesses you have currently can be traced back to something you are holding on to for dear life. Problems are something you had in the past, and those solutions are being forwarded onto your current livingness. That is what all those collected thoughts are for – to simply prompt you with solutions.

However, the solution is the problem. And the only reason what you are facing still exists. Just face it, and let it go. That easy. That simple. Sure, you might have to get rid of an untold number of feelings and what-not thoughts which crop up just so you can then look at the basic scene – but the more you release, the easier it gets.

And that is why you need to develop the new habit of releasing constantly. Plus meanwhile, getting the TV, radio, newspapers, and anything else irritating out of your life. These just hold you back by giving you more to release.

You want to be releasing your basic feelings and thoughts – the ones which are holding you back all the time.

These basic negative-thought-habits can be worked backwards from a couple of ways:

Is your current thought or feeling the way you’d like to be treated?
Does this thought or feeling give me greater peace or happiness?

If you answer no to either of the above, then just let it go. (But practically, as Hale points out, you want to release all thoughts anyway – since any thought just holds you back. So release anything and everything that comes up.)

Then, once you get your mind quiet (at least enough so you can hear yourself think), then focus on something which would help you help others if it showed up in your life.

When that appears, get the idea of it showing up. And then release any negative feeling or thought that comes in. Like how it’s impossible, or how people won’t approve of you, or anything like that (as the taxes you are going to have to pay, for example). Just keep releasing about whatever it is that you’d like to show up until you can hold that idea of it showing up right in front of you easily.

Then simply let it go – and let the Universe figure out how to manifest.

That’s the KISS part – simply look at it, accept it, then let it go.

The BUTT part is to do nothing but sit on your butt and release about it in order to help it show up.

Do that at least once a day. Some do it several times a day.

The rest of your day, you are working to help others – in any way you can. What makes the stuff you need and want show up faster is to help others with whatever it is that they are trying to get into their own lives. The more you help others, the faster your own life is filled with everything you need and want.

And that includes Personal Freedom.

Because the bottom line is that we aren’t in this Universe to accumulate toys or other great stuff. You can only take the Love you feel within. So concentrate on going Free and helping others regain their personal Freedom.

See you tomorrow…

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