Taking the easy way out to personal freedom.

Posted: October 23, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Part of this releasing idea is that you are taking the effort out of everything you do.

If all actions you took had no worries, no stress, no concerns, no negative feelings connected with them, how hard would they be to do?

How about having a day off, walking in the woods or along the beach with nothing bothering you, completely at peace?  Easy, isn’t it?

And when’s the last time you were actually able to enjoy such an experience?

Which is why I suggest you get releasing as a constant mental activity instead of thinking.

Just being there in Nature is one of the most enlightening experiences a person can have. Yet most people are worried about where they parked their car, whether their sinuses are going to act up, if they turned off the stove at home, if they are missing a sports game, if that business deal on Monday will go OK…

They aren’t just being there and enjoying the moment.

Releasing technique takes care of that.

So when you get all this releasing done, you are taking the effort of out all that you want to do. (Now notice that we are saying “want” and not “have” to do.) Even if someone asks you to help them with something, you can do it effortlessly if you arent having some thought about how you don’t want to be controlled or if they are going to approve of how you are doing it – and so on.

Effortless action.

You really wind up just being able to let go of all your “do-ership” Once you get the mind quiet, then the actions you should be taking simply come to you. And almost do themselves. Because you aren’t concerned about anything and can simply stay detached and enjoy the peace of the action.

And you’ll be filled with happiness. Actually, what is happening is that you are now radiating happiness. Then that helps everyone around you. Who doesn’t like to be around a happy person?

But your happiness, your peace – are just waiting to be let out. You start to radiate your own happiness and peace when you quit wasting time on all those internal thoughts which have kept you “boiling over” all the time. You don’t want to tell people what you are really thinking, as that isn’t the way you’d like to be treated. So you hold it inside, along with everything else.

Where you are simply at ease and in full communication with the world around you, then it’s easy to simply beam from happiness and your own internal peace. And you are a person that is in demand, as people love to share in your happiness and peace. But you really don’t care that other people like you – because the secret is in how much you love others, how much you can help others, how much you can give.

This open-handed help is the key. When you don’t have to have anything, everything you really want or need will show up.

And then you can concentrate on simply going Free the rest of the way.

You’ll know when you get there.


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