How can "What am I" achieve my personal freedom?

Posted: October 26, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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To answer this question, you have to drop using the mind. The mind is really only composed of thoughts. Thoughts are simply collected solutions to problems in the past – hoping that we might run into that problem in the future and have a ready answer to use.

But our mind can’t really answer a question. It only poses more questions and analysis and reaction about the original thought – so that thinking is just a series of thoughts strung together in loose association. Unless you think in disciplined patterns, (force your mind to think in a concentrated approach) your mind winds up with thoughts widely different from what you started out.

Extreme examples of this are called, “scatter-brained” and also “paranoid-schizophrenic”.

Concentration on a single thought is a time-honored tradition of stilling the mind. And practically, it was the only way to do so before release technique came about.

Concentrating on a particular question or situation allows the mind to still and the answer to come from the Universal. We’ve covered before about how we are all connected and our thoughts are sent out constantly – well, when you still your mind, you are able to get any answer to any situation or problem you have.

(Again, reject this completely and see if it isn’t true for yourself. For all you know, you are being scammed right now. Check it out and see for yourself.)

Napoleon Hill gave an example of Dr. Gates, who would sit in a darkened room with a pad of paper, pen, and the nearby light switch. Gates would only concentrate on what was known about the problem at hand. Once he started getting answers, he would turn on the light and start writing as fast as he could to get it all down. Gates had a huge number of patents on file and was constantly in demand as a consultant to the major corporations of the day.

Meditation is often best done with a single question in mind. Concentrating on that will often give faster results than simply sitting in silence for the same period.

Now, combining a single, concentrated attention on a particular question in alignment with continual releasing of all random thoughts, a calm mind – this allows you to go behind the mind to get the answers from the Universal. The mind doesn’t give answers, it gives back recordings of earlier solutions to similar problems. It will take credit for the answers which come – but those answers come from the Universal, not the mind.

The mind is a pile of recordings.

The Universal stores all knowledge and is a font of understanding.

And once you answer that question, “What Am I?”, then you have a grip on that Universal which will never let go.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

See you tomorrow…


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