How I'm learning to let my own light shine – to spite my illness

Posted: October 26, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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There was an interesting development over the weekend. I got an eye infection that wouldn’t quit. Now, since I’m a Scorpio by birthdate, this includes me into the area of people who don’t get sick much, but when they do – it’s a doozie. (At least that’s what’s on paper.)

A checkup today said I had some oddball thing where the auto-immune system was actually attacking the eye as a foreign particle. Something called Iritis – infection of the iris.

Now, I just had to check back into my immediate past to see if I hadn’t released on something that could have started that all off. Of course, Hale would say, “are you trying to figure it out?” and then tell me to simply release on it.

The point of education here (“teachable moment”) is that illness is stress-related – which is simply having accepted some limit which keeps the normal Peace and Joy from flowing out.

Often this will manifest on the body. Simple.

Seems I was involved with a ripoff artist bunch. But these guys are tar-babies – you have to let go of them at the word “hello”. And that’s not what I did.

So this pulls a price in terms of emotional involvement – requires some heavy thinking, which just dredges up old mental habits. And some of these have a physical kickback connected to them.

My approach to this, then is just as drastic as the medicine the doctor told me to take. For the next few days, I’ll be doing more meditative releasing than anything else. Nothing but staying focused on “What am I?” and releasing any other thought that comes up.

It’s really jut time to go for blood on this. A little freelance to get out of the way, and I really have nothing else to do at that point. Go hermit and isolate to make some personal freedom progress. Stay off the computer (well, maybe a little everyday to update my emails) and just concentrate on Freedom.

Oh – if this sounds interesting – don’t wait until you get a serious illness to try it. Take a week off from your regular life and do a retreat where you can simply concentrate of “What am I?” Because you have to want Freedom more than you want the World. Check out Levenson’s Sedona Method for yourself.


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