How to take control over everything that "happens" to you.

Posted: October 27, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Responsibility. That’s the ticket.

One of the ways to speed up arriving at your Goal of personal freedom is to look over what has happened to you and check to see what it is that you did to cause that. Just hold that idea until the answer comes out of your subconscious (or any other part of your mind).

Then you’ll have what you need to use the release technique.

Let’s start at the bottom. You can release your feelings and they don’t come back when you do. So you are responsible for all your feelings. After all, you recorded and put them there to begin with.

So when you have your feelings all sorted out – those random thoughts which come in and tell you how to feel about any given situation, as opposed to honestly reacting to the situation in front of you – then you can be responsible for creating those feelings which will best resolve that situation.

If you let your thoughts run your life, then you will always be a puppet on a string. Never responsible for what happens around you, never in control, always miserable.

When you take responsibility, you can take control, you can run your own life – be in charge, be confident of the outcome, achieve your goals.

Get into constant releasing, you can calm the mind and so see more clearly and take more responsibility and control in your life. As you do, your world becomes saner, better organized, simpler. Everything you need or want comes to you easier.

The next step after calming the mind and getting the world giving you everything and anything you want, is to answer, “What am I?” The answer to that is the capstone and you’ll then have assumed complete responsibility and complete control over your world.

After that, it’s up to you what you want to have, do, or be. But by then, you’ll also have a really good idea of what those are.

But you won’t get there by just reading my writings. You’ll have to prove this for yourself. Otherwise, it’s just more smoke and mirrors.

Check it out for yourself.

Until tomorrow…


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