What is your path – how do you find Your Way?

Posted: October 30, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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One last point.

Your path is entirely your own. There is only one Way for you – and that is the one you pick out and resolve for yourself.

This idea of using the releasing technique, my little joke of using “KISS BUTT” to get everything you really want in life – that doesn’t work for everyone.

There are exactly as “many paths up the mountain” as their are individuals in this Universe.  There can be no “one way and only one way” – because we are all connected, but completely different.

While all spiritual paths are correct in their basic data, many religions (and governments) go astray because they inherit the same problems their followers have. They think they are separate from everyone else and so they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Needless to say, this doesn’t work. Thinking someone else is wrong just comes back to you, doesn’t it?  Accepting people for what they are, giving them unconditional love – these actions will bring you acceptance and love in return, won’t they?

That old Golden Rule scene we’ve talked about over and over.

The other phrase I’m fond of quoting goes: “No one school has all the teachers.” That’s from the older Polynesian sayings, which are probably the oldest surviving philosophic system that this planet has. And those islands are amazingly peaceful these days.

While I tell people that releasing is probably the greatest discovery since Fire and the Wheel (right up there with sliced bread and spreadable margarine) – I also have to say that it’s not for everyone.

I tell you to throw away all that you’ve read here and prove it for yourself. That is really, really the only way to find Truth. Because truth is completely personal to you. No two people share the same exact truth.

Of course that explains why no government really works and dictators seldom end their career alive and in power.

The best approach is and always has been to let people work things out for themselves. Let communities solve situations as best they can, groups of communities decide what’s best on a broader basis, states to solve solutions based on a broad consensus (if at all) and the national government to simply keep its nose out – excepting only national concerns like defense and safeguarding trade lines.

And I’d love every single government employee at all levels to apply less kiss-butt and more KISS BUTT – they could release on having to control and approve anything for the rest of us, as well as only doing those things which would benefit others as they would like to be benefited.

But regardless of politics, just work out the optimal solution for yourself.

Whatever your path is – go at it until you achieve your own personal freedom and everlasting happiness. We all share one other, common thing – inside, we are all Masters. And we just need to let is shine out through all that we’ve stacked up on top of it. Do just that for yourself and we all win.

Thanks for listening to all I’ve said here. Now I’m done.

You can safely throw it all away and write your own blog now.

I wish you a great eternity.


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