So now you know your path – what's next?

Posted: October 31, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Of course, I’ve been having quite some fun applying what I laid out at the beginning of this, so I thought to give you an update.

Mostly, just working on stilling the mind has done wonders. But the 1-2 punch of releasing any thought that comes in, followed by asking, “What’s that thought coming from?” took me right back to “What am I?”

And that has produced the best results.

While I can’t say that the mind is completely stilled all the time, I am having wider and wider gaps in time where there are no thoughts and I can just simply enjoy a very peaceful existence, just “Being the Witness” as Levenson covered so often. Because when you still the mind, in my experience, there’s not much choice or reason to do anything else.

It’s just natural.

And so this is what is bringing this concept I had earlier of “Intuitional Living” or “Intuitional Life”. The explanation of this is that you really only live that type of life naturally – but your own thoughts take you out of it and make you effort at any decisions or planning you “have” to make.  These “now we’re supposed to’s” and “musts” and “have to’s” are all really fiction.

They only exist in a very busy mind. Quiet the mind, even a little bit, and their force weakens. Life becomes a calm, peaceful existence. (Or at least more calm and more peaceful.)

The intuitional and inspirational insights which start arriving (no longer relegated to pushing through as thought) are fascinatingly simple and direct. There’s no question about them, no rush. There is a great deal of certainty accompanying them – but no dire urgency for them to happen.

I’m sure that if I were in a very action-oriented situation, I’d have faster and more immediate intuitions about what to do next.

But the flow of life is fascinating, even at this fairly low level. I’m sure that as I get used to it, all of this will seem commonplace after awhile. And there will be another, higher level to attain which seems uniquely interesting at that point.

So, as usual, throw this away and forget I ever said anything down this line. If it’s useful to you, fine. Certainly, your mileage will vary. Definitely.

But I’m certainly having fun with this and thought to let you know.


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