Living Life Really Large and Really Small

Posted: November 1, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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There’s something that’s coming up which I have to somehow communicate. No, it’s nothing deathly or dreary or even mildly catastrophic – so you can put down the tabloid journalism thoughts.

It’s this intuitional living stuff. A lifestyle choice, if you will.

For me, it’s been major. While I’ve spend most of my life just finding out how to find out – some 40+ years following religion, spirituality, self-help, personality/corporate cults – now I find that I simply don’t have to do that anymore.

Sure, I’ll still tell people what books and references I used as my path down this line. But laying out and writing/podcasting/videoing this path will be more intuitional than intellectual – no production demands to get it all done.

There is a trick to Levenson’s work – when you really get down to the basics of what he’s saying, it’s an approach that is only found in our oldest philosophies. But not really stated clearly anywhere. Mostly because it only appears when you are ready.

My point about everyone having the potential to become a Kahuna, or my idea that Masters already live among us – these are ideas that are rare in our society. But the come from the approach that we are all in this together, that when we recognize each others’ perfection – we’ll see more of that perfection showing up around us (and from within us.)

My approach with the Sedona Method was by getting a copy of Hale Dwoskin’s free materials and then going deep to look up Lester Levenson on the web, finding some .torrents of his older tapes (and then finding just recently that Larry Crane sells these things on his site.)

But that was due to my work in and around Scientology for 20+ years and having studied and counseled others on nearly every piece of data they have available.  (While I’ve made my peace with that corporation, it was obviously not my path – or I’d still be in there pitching.) So I dived in deep to the Sedona basics  to find out all the goodies.

Never found Levenson lacking. And there is so much more to cover, to explore – but it’s all in how to let this inner light shine more.

This is the point of living life large while living it small at the same time. Practically, living simply at the basics is the way to have it all – and more. This comes, of course, back to the point that the mountain might not be what you are looking for – but again, there I go, all metaphysical again.

– – – –

The next trick is distinguishing between the intuitional inspirations I get and thinking that goes on. Got some more research to do along this line and finding it hard to get rid of a great deal of this other activity which takes the rest of my day.

Because I simply want to pursue this idea of wanting Freedom more than the world. But it’s more like turning a high-powered jet around at top speed – takes about 4 states to do it.

So – I’ll keep you posted….


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