How thoughts and dreams are not the same nor different

Posted: November 2, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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What are dreams? How are they different from thoughts?

Levenson covered dreams with a rather Eastern approach, that perhaps our dreams are a different Universe than the one we are in during the waking hours.

I don’t know this to be true or not.

All I know right now is that I’m left thinking when I wake – meaning that I have more releasing to do to achieve that state of a truly calm mind.

My line of reasoning is that a person is trying to achieve a calm mind will should be able to determine between true intuitional inspiration and general, run-of-the-mill thinking.

Thinking will be rather uncontrolled and more than a bit non-sequitur and random. As well, any feeling besides a calm, deep peace with a simple happiness or joy – these would then be non-intuitional, but rather habitual.

(Or the AGFLAP vs. CAP – as Levenson would describe it.)*

So the utter lack of negative feeling, a completely calm knowing should accompany real intuitional inspiration. And would lead to true intuitional living.

I have a few dependable lines of intuition, being that I’ve always been blessed with a very imaginative and creative life. Working in these lines has shown me where the writing or artwork is forced, or requires too much effort – I might as well quit it, or take a break at least.

When I’ve taken up writing, this has opened up an new line – it’s one approach that the simplest line works. Just ask, the next sentence is there – or a phrase that needs to be applied.

One learns not to force or rush it. It’s always there, unless you try to force or rush it.

So that, I suppose, answers the question.

And now, extend that to all living – and your completely calm mind will then finally allow you to answer the question, “What Am I?”

* AGFLAP – CAP is a shorthand emotional scale one comes up through releasing


The CAP are top-end states which aren’t really emotions at all – these more describe a state of being which becomes more or less persistent as you work at releasing in general.


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