Not just pieces in a board game: Live for Others in order to Improve Your Own Life

Posted: November 3, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Lifestyle Choice
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Game of Life - not another " chest" game

Regardless of the graphic there is really only one way to play the game of life. It’s how you win.

Here’s the bottom line – we are each individually and personally here to evolve, to get better, to make the best of life in this existence that we can.

Now, despite all the various “Laws” which have come up over the years, there is only one which is observed by every known religion, philosophic, and deep thinker on this planet – from time immemorial up to the present moment. Because it can be proved by every single person to exist and work.

“You only get back what you give away.”

And this Law governs all success, all health, all the wants, dreams, and desires any human could expect to be, do, acquire, or attain in any life. It governs everything.

For some, this means “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In other, older versions, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

(And there was that famous judge who put an end to the physical interpretation of this by agreeing that they could have their pound of flesh, but they could take only that – no blood or other fluids, nothing else.)

It is the Golden Rule in various versions, the Koran as well as the Bible, as well as ancient Druid texts, Hindu, Egyptian, and even earlier to the oldest philosophies that still survive in remote Polynesian islands.

We are all connected, there are no limits – so this rule says that when you hurt someone else, you hurt yourself, when you help someone else, you help yourself.

If you look at any millionaire, billionaire or better (or worse), you’ll see that their money acquisition was on the backs of making other people rich at the same time. Ray Kroc (founder of McDonald’s chain) made far more millionaires than he could count. Sam Walton’s (Wal-Mart) expanded the sales of his suppliers many times over and was constantly working to improve the quality of life of his customers.

And that is the point to all this. To the degree you want to succeed in business, to get a great amount of income flowing toward you, to have a great home, nice stuff all around you – what do you have to do? What do you have to put your attention on?

The value of the product or service you are giving away.

Now, this doesn’t mean we need to all be paupers. Quite the reverse. The oddest thing is that people won’t value something, won’t really use it, unless they have to give something of value in return. That is really the only reason profitable commerce continues to exist and communism/socialism always fails.

That Rolls Royce or that Cadillac is worth every penny. People will pay more for grass-fed beef which is raised naturally without hormones or excessive growth-producing chemicals – that they know where it came from. They’ll pay several times what it took to create that beef and grow it for the two years it took to get to that size. Several times what they could have paid for that same beef at an auction yard and gotten it processed.

The added value is in bringing that specific product to them in a way they can use it best.

That’s more to our point:

Any business or individual will only succeed
to the exact degree that they help others succeed.

For better or worse, Bill Gates’ billions didn’t arrive without giving a great deal of value to the computer industry and the personal computer buyers. Us, in other words. Take any industry leader and the also-rans. The best, the top of their class always, always gives value in greater quantity than they extract. Sure, there are “other factors” – but that is the key one. (And why Apple and the Linux community hold onto major shares of this market? Even better value.)

Your own success it really just this point:

Whatever it is that you want – help someone else get it, or better, several someone’s. If you want help, help others. If you want to get rich, help others get rich. Want better health? – Work to improve others’ health. There are examples all around of how this works.

The reverse is true – run a ripoff scheme on other people and you can’t hold on to your own money. It’s only temporary. If you want permanent wealth around you – you’ll build wealth for others many times over in advance of your own, or at the same time. Not afterwards. (Ripoff artists and politicians only have to hide when they are hiding something.)

This isn’t a government job, which by definition is always taking something away by threat of force to “help” someone. I’ll dissect government at another time. The deal here: all help is a personal thing. What ever you personally want, you have to help others get it first, or at least at the same time you do. Only then can you really fulfill your desires.

And once you get everything you could possibly want or need? Then just keep helping others learn how to do it for themselves. That’s why all the really rich turn to helping others, even giving all their wealth away (like Buffet, Gates, and earlier, Carnegie, Rockefeller, etc.) Because now that you’re there, what else do you have to do?

And how about those who amassed great fortunes only to die bankrupt — they didn’t follow that Golden Rule. Help others all the time. Every way you can.

That’s the only way out of this human existence we share on this planet at this time. Remember, Jesus said that “Heaven is within you.” And hell-on-earth is just ignoring this one rule.

Your choice.

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