Getting your life in order – cleaning your room

Posted: November 15, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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All life revolves around order, prediction, simplicity.

And while I’ve started revolving my own life around the Sedona Method – amalgamating this into the earlier studies I started so long ago with “Go Thunk Yourself” – there are always so many lessons to find just in living.

The most recent one is that you really want to rid your life of things you are wanting to control, needing to approve, or that require your security. It isn’t enough just to release on how these are affecting you – there’s also where you are still working to do these on/for others.

These type of scenes are just holding you back.

Of course, this goes back to that 7th step of releasing – living your life as a Master would (which just brings out your own native Master abilities, doesn’t it?)

So you can take any of the historical Masters who have lived among us (and some say still do) – or just look within yourself to see how you would like to be treated.

It’s that simple. If you are involved in some sort of continuing mess where you feel you have to control someone else’s actions or activities, then maybe it’s time to let that go. It might mean you don’t have to deal with those people any more.

But it will mean that your life gets simpler.

And, like cleaning your room, if you start doing this on a regular basis (as I advise getting your releasing going on a continuous basis), then your life becomes simpler and simpler. You live with far less effort. Which then means that magic and miracles become more and more commonplace.

There’s far more about what Lester wrote that needs study and reflection. And I’m sure I’ll be continuing this as I simplify my blogging to comics and grass-fed beef. For me, those are easy subjects to talk about, much more rewarding than other areas.

But try this out for yourself and see if these make sense. See if you can’t work at getting your own life simpler by seeing what complicated subjects you can simply drop out of your active life.


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