How you release – simply, easily, effectively.

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Here’s a disclaimer right off the bat: All I know is what I know. I haven’t attended any seminars or special training in the Sedona Methods. And I give great credit to Larry Crane, Hale Dwoskin, and others for forwarding this subject and making more workable.

All I say here is what I’ve learned for myself.

My own training was being given a bootleg CD (a few, actually) and being impressed with this material. And then I went out on the Internet and found everything I could about Lester Levenson and the Sedona Method. Through this, I found digital copies of out of print books, and other recordings of various quality.

But the truth of this as a very simple subject shone through.

There are two steps to the Sedona Method:

  1. Accept what is.
  2. Let it go.

And it’s no more complicated than that.

I and others occasionally have problems with letting something go, and in many cases it’s just being stuck – so you let go of the stuckness.

Other than that, I don’t see a big problem with anyone applying it to any and every area of their life. It does nothing but improve things.

Sure, I’ve been studying self-help  books for years and was some 20+ years in Scientology and before that had spent several years in Bible Study as well as being an agnostic and all sorts of other studies as well as a few post-graduate degrees. Now, after 50-some years on this planet, Sedona Method comes my way and explains what I’ve been rejecting out of all these other studies – and actually made them all start working again.

But don’t think I am going to tell you how this is any sort of abundance course, or how you can make be making money working from home, or use the law of attraction to create all sorts of prosperity, health, and incredibly loving relationships – because that’s simply not where I’m at on this. Sure, releasing will help you with your business, with your love-life, with the abundance of wealth, with your quality of health – and help you get it all effortlessly – but: so what?

Once you get everything you want in your life, what then?

You see, what works for you is just that – it’s what works for you. There are many paths up the mountain (as I often say) but no two are identical. Each and everyone of us have to make their own path, or find it. And that path isn’t the same as the one the person on either side of you is using.

For me, Sedona releasing technique is a key point to use in combination with other material in order to make my own progress toward personal Freedom – or enlightenment (since Freedom is already within us…)

And this is why I also write about this stuff at length. Because I consider a few things to be vital truths:

  1. I am only here to help others.
  2. Whatever I want to attain or have is best attained or acquired by helping others attain or get whatever it is that they want.
  3. Finally, that the whole universe runs on these two statements above. Period.

Now you can and should disagree with me on any or all of the above. Because it’s not true until it’s true for you.

But I’ve had incredible gains after learning (teaching myself) the Sedona Method. And so I recommend it to others – as many as will listen to what I have to say.

Since I hadn’t ever told you how simple it is to release, I thought to tell you.

Cheers! – and Good Hunting!

– – – –

Bonus: view this as a slideshow.

Like the old adage: “Smile — it will make them wonder what you’ve been up to.”

– – – –

But if you like a video: here’s a YouTube version:



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