How You, Me, and the World around us actually works

Posted: November 28, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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You can get everything you want in life – and actually do. Whatever surrounds you is already what you’ve always wanted most.

So if you want something different, you simply have to change your mind.

But how to change it is the problem. Apparently, anyway.

Let’s look at basics:

  • You exist.
  • You create the world around you by what and how you think.
  • Your thoughts don’t have to be on automatic all the time.
  • You can change your feelings whenever you want.
  • A thought about something in the future will never create anything – because the future never comes.
  • Thinking about the past only changes your ideas about what happened before this point, if only a couple of micro-seconds ago. Those thoughts don’t change the Now.
  • Only creative thinking about what you want right Now will change what you are experiencing right Now.
  • As everything you think comes back to you, thinking destructively about anyone or anything doesn’t do or bring you any good.

There are a lot of therapies out there which cost a lot of money, but don’t practically do anything (except make that person or organization rich) – because they deal with things that occurred in the past.  What happened is done. Over. Kaput. Finished. Finis. You can’t change it and thinking about it won’t improve what is happening around you. Psychiatry, Scientology, any of these “sciences of the mind” which deal with regression – all these work ineffectively (and expensively) if at all. And they are always a continuing saga – you have to keep getting more sessions and paying more money from here on out.

The only reason we can’t get what we want in life to show up around us is that we are always keeping thoughts around us from the past. Those thought-habits are to keep us safe, to make sure people think well of us, to ensure we can control the world around us.

All those reasons are bogus.

Because the World around you is exactly what you think. Exactly.

Worrisome thoughts create worry and anxiety around you. Fearsome thoughts create more fear. Angry thoughts create more anger. Look around you and you’ll see this is true. Someone loses their temper – and suddenly everyone around them is a little more angry, or a little more fearful.

But the reverse is also true. Someone coming into a room with a big smile and lots of great things to say about everyone around them cheers everyone up.

Your thoughts – and the actions these spark – create the world around you.

The trick then, is to get control over your thoughts. Now, in “Go Thunk Yourself”, I cover in some detail how various scientists have shown that you can change these mental thought habits by around 30 days of practicing a specific pattern of thinking – and that you can change your attitude simply by putting a smile on your face – William James pointed this out around a century ago, and Plato way before that.

More recently, I stumbled upon the Sedona Method with its releasing techniques, and found an even simpler way to eliminate those nagging worries, fears, frustrations, etc.

You can actually and effortlessly be happy, peaceful, calm, and act with complete courageousness every single second of the rest of your life. Sure, it takes some work, but it can be done.

Which way would you rather live your life?


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