How I get rid of nagging worries and stress

Posted: November 28, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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The trick to elminating worry, anxiety and stress is actually simpler than it looks.

But it’s taken me some months of practice on top of years of study in order to figure it out. And I didn’t need any expensive life coaching to help me.

The simplicity is using the Sedona Method releasing technique to get rid of those continuing thoughts that seem to rattle around your mind and distract you so much.

You simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Accept that nagging thought – let it be. Don’t resist or fight it any more.
  2. Then simply be willing to let it go and then just let it go.

Sure, Larry Crane and Hale Dwoskin have more steps you can use to do this – and you should check them out if you’re interested.

But keep it as simple as possible.

The only refinement I have to contribute is that you don’t want to be figuring out why or how come or what it all means. You simply want to get to the point that you can simply accept the thought for what it is and then let it go. Hale was telling me that months ago, but until I actually got down to the simplicity of it, I was still looking for symbolic or metaphysical reasons – or considering that something was happening somewhere that I was connected to.

Sure, there might be reasons or explanations or connections to others. But you won’t hear about those through thinking about it. In “Go Thunk Yourself, S’more!” I  came upon the idea of “Intuitive Analysis” – where you simply let your intuition start answering the questions you come up with. It’s a much faster and easier way of studying things than most people use. And your intuition, like any muscle or skill you use, gets better and stronger with practice.

Your thinking speeds up incredibly. And your stress drops away remarkably.

But if your thinking is filled with negative, critical, stressful, worrisome, or other useless thoughts – then it’s not all that comfortable. The trick is to get rid of those type of thoughts and simply start appreciating the intuitive and inspirational glimpses you have – and these are always accompanied by happiness, joy, acceptance, courage, and peace.

This is “being in the zone”, or better – living in the zone.

You simply have to get the contra-survival thoughts out of your system. Look at them for what they are and then let them go. Don’t think more thoughts about them, just let them go.

If it’s peaceful, accepting, courageous – then you aren’t really having your best thoughts. And those other thoughts simply need to be let go. Like you are constantly working to help everyone around you, even those who have really “ticked you off” at some time in the past. Anyone you are working against, trying to control, or inhibit their success in some way – all this simply works against you. Golden Rule again. You are really just helping everyone around you to become more perfect – or to let their native perfection shine more brightly through.

Just get over those thoughts. Accept them as existing and then let them go. Too easy.

It works for everything. Every time you get some stress on your lines, if you practice just letting stuff go, then it gets easier and easier to live an incredibly peaceful and calm life. Everything goes well for you.

Too easy. And that’s why people don’t do it. They want something complicated and difficult.

But you can use this today and start getting all worry, stress, and negative emotions right out of your personal life. Right now. Try it and see. And start wecoming your native abundance and prosperity into your life as this “stress management” takes root.

And check out those other authors if you want to know more about how to apply it in your own life.


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