How you can't win them all, and why you shouldn't try

Posted: November 29, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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While you can and should be willing to help everyone around you – and the Golden Rule says that you almost have to – don’t expect that the world is going to immediately turn right around and give back.

There are people, sad as it seems, who are bound and determined to simply continue destroying everyting and everyone around them in theialong their personal path to self destruction. These are the truly insane among us.

It’s not that they can’t be helped. Or that they can’t get better. Or that they can’t actually resolve to improve their lives and eventually find their own route and way to personal enlightenment. They are simply right now hell-bent on wrecking their own lives, which also then affects how they see and treat people around them.

So you have to be willing to “cut your losses” at some point and move these people off your lines. Actually, they will move off yours if you simply let them. I think I’ve gone over this point before of realizing when you’re fighting something and simply quit that action. Like finding out that you’re beating your head against a wall – the pain is remarkably lessened when you stop.

When I finally saw their view of life, I could understand why they weren’t listening – their view of life was that everyone was out to scam them, so no one was able to be trusted.

They are actually in a state of constant denial of the world around them. They are actually fighting everything that they encounter – ripping people off is their only defense, since the world is out to get them. If there’s a brick wall anywhere near them, they can’t wait to butt their head up against it.

But this is just to tell you that you can get these guys off your lines more easily than you think possible.

Again, the Sedona Method comes to view as a tool. The simple steps I use to continually apply this in my life are

  1. Look over and confront what is in your life – all thoughts and feelings
  2. Accept any part of this (or all of it) that you can.
  3. Simply let it go.

Of course, life gets easier and more delightful as you do this. You enjoy life more and your feelings become more intense. You appreciate things around you much better. Abundance, good health, great relationships – all these become common place when you use the releasing technique.

You want to use Levenson’s Sedona Method continually in your life. And in doing so, you can achieve incredible states of calmness – beyond any meditation – that will take you through anything life has to offer. Ultimately, it can take you into realms most humankind doesn’t get a chance to visit often and where few are able to remain.

But that’s a story for another time.

Right now, simply help everyone you can, even those who don’t want your help. But quit fighting anything and everything. Simply let go of all your “wanting to sort it out” and stuff like that. Invest in everyone around you, but particularly those who want to invest in themselves.

People have to make (or find, actually) their own Peace. Some, sadly, aren’t actually headed anywhere near that direction.

So simply let them go – right out of your life. They aren’t looking for you – they’re looking for people just like them.

But realize that you did make an impression on them, if only slightly.

And be thankful for the true friends you are finding in greater and greater number around you. Because that is what you are attracting with your releasing.

– – – –

Here’s an interesting tip: That old datum of “the mind doesn’t recognize a negative” gives a new look to things. Read the above (or any speech or article) and remove all the “not’s” – and you’ll see the real world in a different light…


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