How you are just really looking at yourself – so be nice…

Posted: December 8, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Lifestyle Choice
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There’s an interesting point, maybe the last I’ll bring up along this line (don’t worry, I’ve got a new book coming out about Freedom – which is why my posts have dropped off lately…)

We’ve already covered how the Huna principle that we are all connected actually explains the Golden Rule.  Of course, this goes further. It’s again about your lifestyle choices.

As you treat anyone in a vengeful, or even slightly hateful manner, so will your own life contain that slight hint of hate or vengeance.  Too logical, right?

What is more interesting is also found in the above. We are all connected, meaning that what ever you do to someone else – you are actually doing it to yourself at the same time.

Of course, we can then take responsibility for what is happening to us by following all this.  The Golden Rule gives us instruction, a rule. The Huna says why it works that way – and why it’s one rule you can’t set aside or try to break.

All my lamenting about rip off artists was as I was unable to simply let them go. I wasn’t simply releasing on that whole scene. Anything I did which was negative toward them simply came back at me. And like that tar-baby, I couldn’t let go – nor could they.

You’ll see most of the posts about anything to do with these guys have been removed. This is simply so I can move on. It doesn’t relieve them of their responsibilities or what happens to them – it just gets me off their back and them off mine. I’ve tried to help them long enough. But everyone finally graduates from school (or drops out.) The separation is final.

The underlying lesson for me was that I was causing my own grief. And as I’ve pointed out – it takes both a ripoff artist and a willing victim to perpetrate a rip off. Sure, there can be Justice. But the trick is to learn how to love in spite of all.

And the fine point is to know when to move on. You have to be able to look at how the lessons have gone and when you have learned enough along that line.

You have to know when and how to spot a tar-baby and just walk on by.

Because that tar-baby is you. We are all connected. There are no limits.


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