Your best, fastest way to personal Freedom, Happiness, and Peace

Posted: December 11, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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It looks like using the best of all the release techniques will get the fastest results. Now, this varies according to what you think is the best – which makes a lot of sense.

Larry Crane has free downloads on his site of various MP3’s and in these tells about how to simply put your attention on your gut or chest to physiological reactions there. These tell you you’re holding on to something. He gives the idea of figuratively opening a “door” in that area and just bringing stuff up and letting it release. Just almost shovel the stuff out wholesale.

I’ve found that you can leave this door open overnight and just let anything and everything that needs to leave do so. Otherwise, keep it open during the day so you can quickly just let anything that you find during the day out.

Of course, once you get down to how simple this is, you don’t need to consult your stomach or chest for a reaction, and you can simply accept it and let it go.

And any stuckness, you use Hale Dwoskin’s technique of letting go of the stuckness. Then right back to releasing as normal.

Now, once you’ve been doing this for awhile, you get pretty stable about life in general. And the attitude you’ll notice is one that Earl Nightingale describes as “calm, cheerful expectancy”, and Levenson referred to as “courageousness, acceptance, peace”, as well as “imperturbability”. You’ll find that while maybe not everything is great around you, you can easily deal with what comes up.

Once you’ve got this stable scene going, you can then go for anything you’re still holding onto as regards physical death or survival as a body, or even surviving as a personality. A fast approach to this is to consider or meditate on answers to the question, “What Am I?”

The idea is to get into a state of constant hootlessness, where you don’t give a hoot what goes on around you.

That’s where you make your best progress toward letting your own inner light shine out. Somewhere along that line, you’ll actually resolve any goals questions you have and settle down into whatever you have been intending to get done in this life. And it’s all easy street from there on out.

Not that more stuff won’t necessarily come up to let go or release – but it comes and goes faster and then you’re just back to simply being hootless and listening for those inspirations which come in and guide your actions. You just know what to do and how to do it, and everything is Easy Street.

Oh, and everything you need comes to you, but that’s really secondary. If you keep stuck on “getting stuff” to measure your progress, Levenson points out that this just will bring you to a crash later. Major disaster, is how he phrased it. And we’ve seen this recently with a few of these self-help “guru’s”.

You’ve got to get beyond money, success, great health, incredible relationships. When you get hootless, all of these show up and stay there – as long as you need them. Because their presence all depends on how much you are helping others find their own personal Freedom, Happiness, and Peace. You’ll more than likely get involved constantly in just helping others to let their own light shine. You really don’t give a hoot about your private scene – it’s been under control for a long time and just goes along fine.

Your attention goes outside of you to help others with their scenes. And that helps you stay hootless and on top of things. It’s not how much you’re loved, its how much you love others and help spread that love around. Like Wallace Wattles tells, you are spreading the idea of abundance to others on a constant basis, helping them get rid of any idea they have of lack.

And when you get your attention off your own Self, then it really speeds everything up.

  1. Happiness is a state of mind that really depends how we see the situations in our lives each day. you can have all the riches in the world but still see it as a lonely place.`”-

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