How my mental life-experiment is rolling along.

Posted: December 16, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Just thought to update all that is happening. While this may be news to some of you, I started some months ago to work over my life and operating basis with Lester Levenson’s Sedona Method.

While it has been intense at times, it is still amazingly profitable and successful.

One of the most interesting point of this is to simply bypass the “normal” needs of having to have fame, fortune, and all that go along with these. Actually, both are complete nuisances to my mind – since the government likes to tax fortune and you mostly lose your privacy with fame.

Not that I’m not rich and enjoy abundance. But I’m paid in ways which don’t show up on the balance books. You can’t tax happiness, for instance. So the old phrase of “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” really applies. (Not that I wouldn’t love to help those guys in Washington to be happier, but they are first going to have to learn to give before they get – a taxing conundrum.)

I’ve learned to simply let most all my thoughts drop away and experience the unlimited Happiness, Joy, and Peace behind them. This is, of course, unlimited Freedom as well. It’s more than “peace of mind”, as it really is peace beyond mind. Everyone already has this peace which they can experience at any time they want to. They already have all the Freedom they can stand. All they have to do is to let it out. It’s there, right behind all those thoughts.

Far from being a scam, Sedona Method works better than any wonder drug. No side effects, for instance. (Don’t you just love those TV commercials where you can quit cigarette smoking if you don’t mind ruining your health or going insane from the side effects?)

The points of quieting the mind really work, IMHO. You do have to want your own Freedom more than you want all the World has to offer. You do have to give up wanting or needing approval, control (or escaping from it), security, or any other attachment or aversion. And that is a self-discipline all on it’s own.

Since I have affiliate links on this page to Larry Crane’s Abundance Course, here is my FTC disclaimer: Your results may vary. In fact, your average or typical results are nothing – since most people never decide to do anything with their life at all.

If you’re reading this, you are not normal, average, or commonplace. You are, actually, a cut above most all those you deal with on a daily basis. But all results from Sedona are dependent on how much you apply it with the intention of getting any positive result at all.

Those people who say it’s a scam have programmed themselves to make sure it didn’t work for them. Until they change that self-programming, nothing will ever really work for them anyway.

Any and all of the Sedona teachers can help you get some or great improvement in your life. But like the psychiatrists’ lightbulb, you really have to want to change.

I changed my life into one with incredible peace and equanimity toward all I know, simply by applying what I’ve been able to discover from Levenson, Dwoskin, and Crane.

You can, too. Just follow the links…

  1. James Carey says:

    Hello Robert, I’ve just released before I wrote this, so lets see what comes. I originally discovered the Sedona Methodd in Wales Uk and straight away made gains mainly in presonal matters, for e.g. confidnce, sense of self-worth and undid much of the debilitating programming that kept me limited for so much of my life. Although, I didn’t find wealth or secuity, I found love and moved to Tucson. I guess I forgot about the Sedona method and things have not been easy here. However I lately began again relaesing and am re-discovering the inner core of my being. I have no job and have hardly any money, but I have a certain imperturbility and a knowing that things are not really waht they seem, and that new doors will open up. I would be grateful for some guidance or if you have intuitive suggestions. I know it sounds a strange request from a stranger, but somehow I don’t feel like that writing this. Anyway, perhaps you won’t reply. That’s OK as well. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I wish you well

    • @James Glad to hear from you. Not having a job isn’t the worst thing in the world. The trick is to find out how you can give value to those around you. If you can find those Levenson videos, he talks there about the world being inside the mind, not vice-versa. As he points out, when you start wanting your freedom more than you want the world, then everything you really need or want appears. Look around you and you’ll find this truth. Lester’s advice was to release to get anything you need or want, and to find all your joy from within. I’ll do a longer post on this, but I hope this helps. Good luck!

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