Learn Simple Secret to Power of Positive Thinking

Posted: December 19, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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If you’ve ever had a problem trying to “stay positive” or “control your negative thoughts”, you know what a hassle trying to apply Positive Thinking in your life.

Because they don’t tell you why it doesn’t always work.

It’s really quite simple to explain. You can take a jelly sandwich and make it into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich by putting some peanut butter. However, you can’t take it back to a peanut butter sandwich without some serious jelly removal, if not total bread replacement.

Too graphic? But that’s the way this works – seriously.

Look, most people have a lot of bad habits in thinking negatively about things all the time. Now they pick up a book or see an inspirational video saying all they have to do is “think positive” and everything will work out. Or just start repeating positive affirmations like a mantra.

Doesn’t really work that way. What do they then do with all these negative thoughts they’ve been practicing day in and day out for most of their lifetime to date? Just thinking positive doesn’t make them go away. You don’t change negative attitudes into positive attitudes overnight.

These self improvement guru’s tell you to add positive thoughts or affirmations – and now you have both positive AND negative thinking going on. Great. You want to use your mind power effectively.

Obviously, you have to start eliminating or defusing the negative thinking to make positive thinking actually work. It’s not just a question of piling on more mental habits to try to “crowd out” the ones you don’t want.

But here’s the secret: You normally think positive. That’s right. When you release the negative thinking, the positive starts showing up more and more.

How do you release that negative, habitual thinking? Sedona Method.

Like a dark room, you don’t start shoveling out the darkness. The solution is to turn on a light. Sedona releasing starts letting your natural brilliance shine. And the dark starts disappearing as you do. Your natural positive attitudes start taking over.

You can use the Hale Dwoskin or Larry Crane courses or books to do this. Or you can also get the original Lester Levenson data off the Internet.

But the secret to applying the Power of Positive Thinking is to simply get rid of the negative as you do. Sure, practice at being positive all day long. It really does wonders. But quit batting bat negative thoughts when they occur, or trying to cover them over with more positive ones. Simply let the negative ones go. Accept them and release them. Too easy.

And now, all you’ve read about using the Law of Attraction and other methods built on positive feelings and thinking can actually start working for you.



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