Throw everything away to regain your Freedom

Posted: December 23, 2009 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Of course, this sounds a bit drastic. But you have to figure that:

  • if you already have all the Freedom, Happiness, and Peace you could ever want, and
  • all your thinking and considering and affirming is just limiting your native talent and abilities,
  • then you need to simply throw things over wholesale in order to make any personal gain in your life.

Too simple. Maybe harder to do than it looks.

But the point is that you really, really, really have to look at what you are holding onto as sensible and why is it sensible. Then take those items which consistently make sense to you and rebuild your world-view with these.

Now this doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to hold onto these stable data for long either. But you can use those key and sensible data to help you find even better ones.

I advocate (because it’s been successful for me) using Sedona release techniques in order to let go of the limiting thoughts, wants, desires, and emotions in your life. And just keep this up. But you can also get results with just about every single philosophy out there – particularly if you are only consulting the basic texts of this subject. (Many religions have been led down a very narrow and prejudiced, non-inclusive path. Radical Islam is one, some extremist “Christian” sects can easily be found, as well as Buddhist teachings – any and every religion has these.)

But in my experience, where you adopt a “big tent” approach and see how you can figure out how to help the maximal number of people you can, this is a road to a better and better personal lifestyle for yourself.

Of course, your mileage is going to vary. No two people are going to exactly agree on anything. And that is the exact point. What fits the person next to you won’t necessarily fit you. What any preacher, priest, or mullah says might or might not be completely applicable to your own life and goals.

So you have to have the ability to kick over your own traces and decide what works for you personally.

Try it. Throw out what doesn’t work today. And keep doing it. Eventually, you’ll get down to just a few key principles you can base your life on. Figure, though, that you’ll also maybe be throwing these out at some point, too.



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