How would you like the solution… to everything?

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One of the more interesting phenomenon occurs as you apply Sedona releasing technique to the real world.

With it, all simply solves.


Most of the problems, if not all, are completely the result of our own subconscious minds. Sedona releasing solves the continuing problem of the subconscious.

There has been a long controversy living on about the “subconscious mind”.  It is the subconscious which has held humankind back. We think, and that has allowed us to keep surviving as a species and individuals. But the lessons we hold onto also keep us doing to each other as we wouldn’t like to have happen to us.

Classically described, the subconscious is a part of the mind which cannot be directly controlled. Huna has it as directly connected to the superconscious and feeding us intuitive insights, but still not directly accessible.

Troward (as quoted by Haanel) referred to this as: “Conscious mind is reasoning will.  Subconscious mind is instinctive desire, the result of past reasoning will.”

Various studies say that 95% of all we do and think comes from this subconscious. Our subconscious is a storehouse of our memorized patterns to survive as individuals, as groups, as cultures, as a race or individual entities.

All our desires and feelings come from this subconscious. This is our self-generated programming.

All scammers use the inherent training stored in that subsconscious to get us to buy their scams. This goes for Mainscream Media, Governments, right down to multi-national corporations. Everything that tells us to “trust” them and give up our freedom of choice (and our hard-earned money).

This is what keeps us working at jobs for others, running factories, manning assembly lines, voting for people who screw us over and raise our taxes. This is the source of our wage-slave mentality.

Now, the subconscious also controls the entire operation of the body, reportedly. So it’s not something you want to get rid of, entirely. The ancient Masters have held that all the body can be controlled, as well as many other talents and abilities achieved/re-acquired. Many stories tell of yogi’s who have achieved these high states.

Levenson simply considered the subconscious as another residual part of the overall mind.

A simple logic says that when and as you start to take control over your own life, then you cease to be able to be controlled by others – except by your own choice. Sedona releasing quiets the whole mind as you start addressing the basic desires which underlie it all.

This is the underlying reason that I wrote “Get Your Self Scam Free“. To help people learn to control their own life and achieve whatever level of personal enlightenment they want.

Odd way to go about it. Perhaps.

But when you think of it, the whole world is a scam. And all the players in it merely scammers.

In that way it makes sense.

– – – –

Now, there’s something I don’t talk much about, that there is a link through all of this to the Universal. And that, in some minds, is God/Allah/Maia/(you name it).

But if you really take this to its ultimate, everything is One is God is All.

And at that level, there really isn’t any subconscious mind, conscious mind, or even any Self.

So you start to see the power of this approach.

By accepting and releasing what you encounter, then you become one with all around you – and so take responsibility for creating exactly what it is that “bothered” you to begin with.

Closest thing I’ve run across yet in explaining this is in reading any and all Prophets directly. Namely the Tao and the Christ’s direct words, though this study continues. Believe me, I’m still not there yet. Too much pragmatic farmer in me, still.

But I’ve done what I can to simply lay it all out within what I’ve figured out so far.

It’s all there for you.

Good Hunting!

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  2. […] How would you like the solution… to everything? […]

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