Learn to get a free mind with stupid yogi tricks

Posted: January 21, 2010 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Living on this planet is made a lot harder than it needs to be. It’s really too easy to figure out and know how to live a great life, full of Happiness, Peace, and Freedom if you really want it.

Now, those “stupid” yogi tricks aren’t really that dumb. But people call them than in order to control others and keep them from finding their own Freedom.

Lester Levenson worked out a lot of this from what he experienced in the early 50’s. He had to study all sorts of Western and Eastern religious and spiritualist books in order to make sense of what he had gone through.

Out of his writings and tapes, you can figure out a scale of sorts:






Life as we know it.

Sure, there is a lot to fill in among the blanks between these. This is just simplified (stupid) look at the subject.

But it begins to explain what I’d run across in Claude Bristol’s “Magic of Believing”. That author didn’t really understand how these yogi’s and swami’s were able to do what they did, except under the very general description of “belief”.

Levenson has taken it a bit further.

Look, it’s really simple. (And I’ve covered it recently under earlier Sedona Method posts.)

1. Love created this universe (see Haanel for a better breakdown).

2. In order to live in this setup, we created Mind.

3. We then used that mind to create everything else.

4. To keep it interesting, we decided that avoiding death was very important – and so then created desires which kept us into survival patterns which helped put off dying.

5. Feelings were set up to give us clues to when we were getting closer or further away from these desires.

6. Thoughts and the mental habit of thinking were then built on top of feelings.

And so we come right up to the modern day where “The Secret” DVD and Earl Nightingale (from Napoleon Hill) say that we can get whatever we want by learning to control our thoughts.

But the easier path is to simply release those desires, which then helps quiet the mind and eventually eliminate even the “need” for thinking. About then we can work out how to quit having to constantly mess with our aversion to death.

Levenson worked this path out from studying all those yogi’s and swami’s (plus some American preachers as well). His Sedona releasing method simply pulls the rug out from under the whole thing. Because once you get the desires quenched, you actually get into an effortless mode where everything you could possibly want starts showing up.

And you then really do have everything you could ever want – just exactly to the degree you quit that bad mental habit of resisting stuff that happens in the world around you.

Of course, this is all your choice. And you can believe it or not. Some people have been able to remarkably change their life. You might be able to as well.

Try it and see.


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