How to Get Everything You Really Want by Releasing

Posted: January 24, 2010 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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You create the world around you. Actually. But the trick is to stay in harmony with everything.

Most people are stuck at just creating things around them. They are wanting that faster car, more stylish dress or suit, the huge house. Along with this, they want people to think well of them, to admire them. And they want to keep it all safe.

To have all this, they also support various scams. Insurance, so that it can’t get taken away – and they pay huge annual fees for this. Government, so that someone has police forces and attorneys and court systems to protect what they own – of course, that costs them in increased taxes and numerous laws. Any corporation will pay out additional sums in advertising and lobbyist firms so that they can continue to control whatever scene they want.

There are just three desires which keep all this happening – control, security, and approval. Lester Levenson worked this out awhile ago.

Now, supposing people really just worked out how to create the world around them they wanted instead of working so hard with all these scams? The funny thing is, once a person really starts to live in harmony with the world, anything you want or need just shows up.

All those old philosophies have held this as true for a very long time. Remember that old saying, “Consider the lilies of the field, they neither sow nor weave, but are clothed in the finest rainment…” Jesus was trying to tell us this over 2,000 years ago. Buddha said similar, as did Lao Tsu in the Tao. When you go back to the Sanskrit and earlier to Huna teachings, you keep finding the same thing over and over.

We are all here to create a better place, to establish more harmony for all those around us. And of course, that also includes the environment and all the various other species we co-exist with on this planet. It also means people who believe differently and live different lifestyles.

But once you get to this point of just accepting what is around you and releasing everything you consider non-survival to you, it all gets quite simple.

Some key points:

  • Once you get up to the point you can have anything you want, you don’t have to have a lot of possessions.
  • You’ll always get your Happiness, Joy, and Peace from within. So the external world doesn’t affect you.
  • There will still be Goals, but they will be intuitional – as are the rest of your life at that point. Everything just flows through you.

For me, this came as a concept that you are constantly working to help the perfection of every atom of every entity and thing around you to shine forth more completely. Because everything is generally perfect anyway. Just might need some help to show it.

The point is that you drop the ego and just Be.

Releasing becomes constant and you simply keep going up to higher harmonious levels. And the rest of the world around you (which you actually created) starts getting more harmonious as well. That’s just the way it all goes.

So just quit all the efforting and start getting more and more stuff showing up around you by simply releasing.

  1. Steve says:

    I agree! I have read the Sedona Method and found it very useful! It really restated what I had learned earlier in yoga meditation. Living in harmony with life creates infinite life! What could be better?

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  3. Reiki Light says:

    I will add you to my favorites folder. Keep posting.

    Please contact me:

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