Sedona Releasing Zen

Posted: January 30, 2010 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Once you get done releasing all you can release, then you release releasing.

It becomes a way of life. Nothing more.

As you get all that Hale Dwoskin and Larry Crane and Lester Levenson and anyone else with an oar in the water – when you get all you can learn from these people, then just let it all go. Accept (welcome) it – then let it go. Or both at the same time.

You can take up Alan Watts as a study in order to understand the comparative religion references which Levenson mentioned, as well as the metaphysical concepts Dwoskin mentions in his advanced seminars. But of course, Watts often referred to himself as a fraud.

And as you get right up to the top level, you find that you’ve let it all go. Somewhere along the way.

You also find that there is no “top”. But the journey is great reward enough.

The Game of Life then becomes just too simple.

When you get to this point, do you look different to others? No. Are you particularly healthier, have perfect relationships, get more wealthy immediately – nope.

But everything is a lot easier.

You get to the point where it’s all just — well, … just so. The closest word to this is Zen.

But that’s for people who still need words. Some only need intuition. Others need more. Up to you.

Doesn’t mean you become Buddhist or Taoist or anything at all. Practically, you just become yourself. And then you move beyond your Self.

Life just gets better. If you want it to, anyway.


And there’s not much more to it than that.

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