Any Government is optional – ask a hermit

Posted: February 3, 2010 by Thrivelearning in Lifestyle Choice
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— Please pardon this political interlude —

Found this amazing lecture from Alan Watts, an Episcopal priest turned Zen Buddhist – and a very prolific and accomplished lecturer.

Here is a fascinating commentary on how government is actually optional to the person who is enlightened, who is independent, who is secure in their own being.

Government gets very insecure when people are secure and independent on their own.

They don’t like to have little facts pointed out to them, little accuracies in their lives like:

Mr. Obama – you say we are 1.4 trillion dollars in debt, yet we just approved two “stimulus” packages of over 700 billion each (and doesn’t this add up to that amount?) – and a lot of this is getting paid back with interest. Now if you just worked at getting it all paid back, wouldn’t that just take care of that debt?

Now you in the same speech say that having an increasing debt is very bad – but why are you then proposing a budget which spends way more than we are going to take in?

And did you know that the last time taxes were cut, it was the fastest response to any recession, and revenues actually increased?!?

So, Mr. Obama – how about you don’t spend more than you take in, that you look up what’s worked before, that you make these bail-out funds actually return to our Treasury?

Too simple?

It’s not my insecurity, after all. I’m happy out here with my little farm, finding beatnik philosophers like Alan Watts and Lester Levenson who are secure in their own skins and talk about it.

The knuckleheads we’ve somehow elected to represent us need some security in the worst way. Maybe they’d be more sensible if they were. Like those who aren’t going to get re-elected – they’re free to do and say whatever they want. Term limits anyone?!?

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