Global Warming, the IRS, and Scientology – Bullies

Posted: February 7, 2010 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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What do these three have in common? Simple:

  1. They have to threaten you to get what they want.
  2. They are based on convenient fictions.
  3. They need your money to survive.

Of course, they also are all government related, but they also prey on your basic needs. And they are all scams, but what else is new…

Global Warming does exist, but it runs in cycles, both on 30 years periods, and also 1500-year and even longer cycles. Al Gore and his fictions started out with bogus data inside a Powerpoint, which was compounded by scientists who falsified their data in order to get or preserve huge government subsidies. Gore himself profits by this with his personal company that makes money off selling “carbon credits”. …While he meanwhile lives in a huge mansion and flies jets around to accept his awards.

The IRS was originally voted into law on the basis that they would tax the “very rich” in order to pay for the Civil War. Of course, since then it has started picking all of our pockets. It’s a favorite boondoggle of politicians, who riddle the code with inconsistencies on behalf of various corporate lobbyists. And these same politicians – who never think in terms of saving money by cutting spending or a balanced budget – only proclaim that we would “lose money” if we cut taxes. (But practically, we have the evidence of actually raising revenue as well as providing more jobs in each instance where presidents cut them: Kennedy, Reagan, Bush.)

Scientology threatens excommunication from friends and family if you don’t go along with their demands and keep supporting their financial causes. They got their IRS exemption as a “church” by actually suing and threatening the IRS and its officials itself. And the Anonymous protests continue due to the C of S denied-but-practiced policy of enforced disconnection. Of course, no one can trace where all those millions which their parishioners spend (mostly tax-free) with them goes. Or how hard it is to get it back, even when you are a celebrity. (And of course, these facts have to be documented, while the other two are more common knowledge.)

How to stop their bullying

All is not sad, however. Tracking back these commonalities also show us how to get free from their effects.

It has to do with people not wanting to return the way they came into this world – helpless, penniless, dependent. Essentially, they continue learning to thrive by exploiting the Lester Levenson buttons of control, approval, and security. If you learn to accept (or welcome) these and let them go (or release), you don’t have to stay effect of any of these. (Of course getting scam-free has been laid out “Get Your Self Scam Free”…)

And the other point is to learn to do with less government in your life. Because none of these would continue to exist if you didn’t give away so many of your rights to others.

Now, these all may seem far too simple. But these simple solutions work. It just takes a lot of people applying them personally. The only real side effect is that you get more personal Freedom, Happiness, and Peace of Mind showing up in your life.

A far cry from how government officials and their flunkies sleep at night.

Here’s wishing you a scam-free life.

  1. Pete Sagi says:

    Global warming, the IRS, and the Church of Scientology … I suppose I could spend hours tying them together with a grand unified conspiracy theory. I was in Scientology from August 74 thru January 82, a story for another time. I will focus on the IRS for now.

    If we were to liken the income tax to “The Matrix” most people would point to the IRS and say “Agent Smith!” but they would be wrong. The IRS is just the squiddies or sentinels, the mindless search and destroy robots. “Agent Smith” is corporate America. Let me explain.

    The nature of the income tax is an indirect tax, a special excise tax on privilege. It is only measured by the income derived from using the privilege. It would be as if I owned a fishing hole, and allowed you to fish in my fishing hole, provided you gave me 10% of your catch by weight. I would have a right to do that, it is my fishing hole. So, if you work for a living, what is the privilege? If you are a non resident alien, work for the federal govt. or a federal corporation or work abroad under protection of the US flag, the answer is obvious. But what about if you work a regular job in the private sector, within the states, and you are a citizen here … where is the privilege? There is none, EXCEPT FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION IN SOCIAL SECURITY. Most of you reading this have been filling out a form W-4 or a 1099 with a Social Security number all of your working life, probably thinking that this was a legal requirement. It is, FOR EMPLOYMENT, but not for merely being hired or working, “employment” having a specific legal definition defined within the revenue codes. The bottom line? “Employed” is using an SSN, just working is NOT.
    THERE IS NO LAW PREVENTING THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR FROM HIRING YOU WITHOUT THAT NUMBER, ITS USE IS TOTALLY VOLUNTARY. Now, the company you work for may have a corporate POLICY in place about not hiring without an SSN, but THERE IS NO LAW. That is why corporate America is “Agent Smith”.

    This is no accident, either. From the day withholding for Social Security started in 1937 until Pearl Harbor, corporate America was pressured by the govt. to get 100% participation. People knew it was voluntary then, but, signed up anyways, thinking it to be a good deal. Eventually the few holdouts were singled out for more and more lectures and pressure to sign up. After Pearl Harbor, it was “Everything has changed! You will sign up if you want to keep your job here! We don’t need a lone holdout preventing us from getting a govt. contract!” The trap was shut, and, by July of 1943 when withholding started for federal income tax, there was a virtual 100% participation in Social Security. The workers were told not to worry about the new tax. After all, it was just a “temporary wartime measure” set to expire in two years.

    Mainly, the policies of corporate America forcing people into “volunteering” for Social Security and by virtue of that incurring liability for federal and state income taxes is as a result of ignorance and fear at this point, but, within any large corporation, there is an “Agent Smith”, usually a lawyer, who knows exactly what the deal is, acting the part of the gatekeeper.

    If someone desires to get the IRS out of their lives, most usually they must create their own work situation such that they can avoid the use of an SSN. If you can work independently, and work for clients who desire a taxpayer ID number to expense out the cost of your labor, you can do this via a subchapter C corp that you control at arms length that handles your invoicing and accounts receiveable, keeping your personal taxpayer ID number, usually an SSN, out of it.

    My advice to those who would live life as non taxpayers is to learn as much as possible first. A great place to start is Some other sites to visit are and and click on “FREE MOVIES!”, view all of them in order. The second one explains how the tax works.


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