Could you use some health care miracles in your life?

Posted: February 9, 2010 by Thrivelearning in Lifestyle Choice
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Just got this book published over on – at my Go Thunk Yourself Self Help bookstore.

In these days of politicians arguing over health care, it’s refreshing to read about a philosophy over 30,000 years old which could do healing on serious illnesses, cure broken bones, and even bring the dead back to life – all as nearly commonplace miracles-as-usual. Max Freedom Long started studying this ancient “psycho-religious” belief-system back in 1917 and authored these two books just after WWII – once he had the breakthrough of figuring out how they did it…

And here’s the back cover material:

If we can settle the basics in this field of knowledge, we shall be on the road to apply that knowledge to the betterment of humanity, as we now apply what we know to agriculture and animal husbandry.

By freeing ourselves from the blindly resisting dogmas of outmoded religions, we will be able to take sensible and practical steps in a forward direction, replacing the disorganized growth under the dispensation of the animal-like low self by the dispensation of the middle self aided by the High Self.

It is as if our civilization had long been allowed to grow as a form of wild life, creating tangled forest and jungle growths, fields choked with weeds, and with the ever-present danger of fire wiping all away. The “wild growth” can be replaced with planned and ordered fields and forests, so to speak, with firebreaks protecting the cultivated sections from those still left wild.

While there will always be those die-hard individuals to whom a new idea contrary to their fixed and dogmatic beliefs will act as a red rag to a bull, and cause furious protests, it is plain that the average man or woman, thanks to the public school system, is capable of approaching new things with a fairly open mind.

These, who form the great majority, need only to organize and begin to work together to bring back the lost science which is needed to complete and perfect the civilization which we have all known for some time was mysteriously defective.

…We are at the turning of the road at last, and the prospect which lies ahead, even when seen mistily through a time veil as yet, appears to be very bright indeed.

(From Chapter 21)

– – – –

But the next point is to take these basic data and see what can be accomplished by applying them to our modern lives.

So now you have in your hands a “missing link” to understanding the universe and all its workings. Bottom up or top down.

And it looks to be a very interesting life for all of us from here on out…

(from the Introduction)

And here’s the link to that book preview:


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