Easier done than said.

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Visiting with some friends tonight, and at one point I was told, “It’s easier said than done…” To which I responded with the above.

Because, in using the release technique, you really learn that all the Happiness, Joy, and Peace you could ever want is already “inside” you. Everything you want to “manifest” or “demonstrate” is already contained in that same space.  You only have to “let it out”. Lester Levenson covered this in a Larry Crane tape excerpt I posted here.

All life is just a series of “whats” that you manifest or demonstrate.

Money, particularly in the way my friends are working at it, is just a “what” you are trying to help others demonstrate in their own lives.

You are planting a seed in their garden so they can raise it.

But the “whats” are not really what you are going after. Metaphysically, you aren’t “going after” anything – you are just letting what is already there show up.

Because the only “what” you don’t have in your life is due to your own internal conversation about it. The ideas you think, the limits you’ve agreed to – these are the points which keep those “whats” at bay, invisible, in the world of the “not-quite-there-yet”.

When you attend these seminars, there is a result they are going for: by the end of these, you are pumped up emotionally so that you feel it’s OK to simply let these things you’ve always wanted to start showing up. As you get better and better at letting things out, they start appearing in your life.

These people who are “giving back” are just helping others get to the awareness they already have – that “you can do this”.

Now, to be sure – and this is no criticism – there is some training involved in this. But as you really look this over, training is again just a way to get you to let the native knowledge you already have “out”. Basically, and each of us has this integrally, you are really an omniscient and omnipotent being.

That concept is something we’ve been told not to accept, that it’s a sacrilege, etc. Etc. But look it over from a Huna viewpoint: “We are all connected. There are no limits.” So you already have access to every single bit of knowledge you could ever ask for. This is Haanel in his Master Key System, Napoleon Hill in his “sixth sense”. And Earl Nightingale in his “Strangest Secret” quoted Jesus the Christ, “Seek and you will find, Ask and it will be given, Knock and it will open for you.”

If you are looking for money, riches, property – any sort of stuff – you only have to accept that it’s already here. And it then shows up.

Of course some people get this backward – and they fall in love with the concept of money or the power that it can bring. But if you get this twisted, as scammers do, you will have a hard time either getting it or holding onto it. Simply because you are connecting other ideas with money as limits on your own demonstration of it. And your life gets really miserable – a tangled web because you are deceiving yourself. This is where another Bible quote goes: “The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil.”  Because you are still looking for an outside “what” to make you happy.

You are already capable of being as happy as you could ever want. Because inside, somewhere, you only have to let it out.

Too easy.

But miracles are effortless, too.

It is said, often, that “you become what you think about.” And Nightingale started out his famous gold recording by quoting Albert Schweitzer, “The problem is that people simply don’t think.” And about the time this recording was being made, Lester Levenson was working out that the problem was even deeper – people think too much. But you have to get up to the point that you can simply let all this thinking and all these mental mechanisms go. And even have them stay. The point is that once you get to the point where your own Freedom is more important and more valuable than anything and everything in the World, you can then have anything and everything in the world show up for you.

Now you can always say that some mechanism or other is “why” you now have this abundance in your life. A great stock deal, investing in real estate, selling rights to a bestseller book or product – all these are just excuses.

Simply, you can get to the point where you don’t “have to have” anything. So you then can have everything. Needs, Musts, Should’ve’s – all these are just simple internal limits to your own Self.

Let the Self go. And you find you can have it stay – as well as the rest of this Universe which you created.

Money?  That’s an easy one. It isn’t there because you think it isn’t. Quit all that thinking and just simply be.

And then you can play the game of watching stuff show up all around you.  Health, Wealth, Happiness, Peace of Mind, Relationships – all just small parts of the abundance that already lies “within” you.

Just let it all “out.”

And become the Master you already are.

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