Achieving Goals by Sedona Release Techniques

Posted: March 7, 2010 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Had a breakthrough today which I just had to tell you about. And in my own style, it’s a bit esoterically powerful in application.

Before I tell you how you can improve your ability in setting and achieving your personal and business goals, we have to cover how you go about your life goals setting. And also what success goals you would want to shoot for.

Lester Levenson had a great deal to cover on this, as does Hale Dwoskin and Larry Crane. Goals are important to people. And it doesn’t matter if you use Sedona Method or Release Technique to improve your goal achievement.

You have to know how to find goals to set. And mostly, this is done by getting beyond all the control, approval, and security involved with even needing a goal to begin with.

If you really look at it, anything to do with money is really only due to those three desires: control, approval, and security. If money disappeared tomorrow, people would still be able to make a living. If people disappeared tomorrow, so would any money. Money is a fiction created by people – mostly to get and hold control over others, to get and win approval, to provide security or ensure it.

That’s the whole discussion on the Health Care Bill right now – false security by the concept that people have to be insured, and how much this is going to cost. And who is going to control it all – plus these Congress-people wanting or flaunting the approval of their constituents.

Popularity and celebrity is another gimmick and runs the same way. It’s heavy on approval and control.

Ask Al Gore. He’s on his way to taking a PowerPoint presentation into a cool billionaire status by running a carbon-trading company – nice work if you can get it. Nice awards on that mantel, Al.

But you can have all the money you would ever want. And also any amount of celebrity you could need. We could each one of us be Donald Trumps if we wanted.

The trick is in letting go of the pluses and minuses to each end of the spectrum.

And this is before you decide on any goal for yourself, your life, or your business, or relationships, etc.

Now, I’m not one to make things more complex. I tell people to take Hale Dwoskin’s and Larry Crane’s stuff and use what they can out of it. Because once you get this releasing stuff really plugged into your life, it becomes a natural action. Like breathing. It’s actually part of your way of life.

For some of us, there can be short cuts to the seemingly harder situations to release.

So I’ve extracted a method that both Hale and Larry use different versions of – which is to alternately release on both extremes.

Take money (just not mine…) Release on being insanely rich, and do that until it seems fine with you. Then release on being completely poor (“ Being broke is temporary, poor is a state of mind.”) And do that end of it until it’s fine with you. Then back to “being rich” again. Then do “poor” again after that.

You just keep this up 1 – 2 – 1 – 2 – 1… until the whole subject is completely fine with you. What you’re looking for is to be completely content with the subject and no longer attached to it in any degree.

One point a friend pointed out was to also release on the good feelings you have about being rich or poor – like the control it gets you out of, or how it helps you get control over others, or approval from people, etc. You can have those “good” results from these desires when you are rich or poor…  So release everything on both ends as you go.

And after that, you’ll have all the money you need when you need it – but you won’t “need” it anymore in general.

You can do this with any particular goal in your life. Or purpose or anything else you are trying to achieve, acquire, become, etc.

The point, of course, is to take all the effort out of it and move everything in your life over into the “miracles as usual” band. Because that’s really how you get everything around you. You just demonstrate/manifest it. All these other reasons and excuses and “because’s” are just thoughts and resistance you’ve built up along the way.

Trick is in getting back to your native operating state – and drop all these thoughts off along the way.

And once you don’t “have to have” anything, then your goals will come to you naturally and intuitively. You don’t have to “decide” on a goal or do a complex advantages/disadvantages list – or anything like it. Just first get really “hootless” on the subject itself. Then see if you don’t already have a goal for this area. You may not even need to have a goal now – since, like money, it just shows up as and when you need it.

Of course, this isn’t going to get you accepted into the finest clubs and universities – because they “make money” from keeping this difficult. So it’s just our little secret – which is now all over the Internet. 😉

– – – –

And of course, drop me a line or leave a comment on how this goes for you…

Good Hunting!

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  2. […] Achieving Goals by Sedona Release Techniques […]

  3. […] Achieving Goals by Sedona Release Techniques […]

  4. Fred Doxsey says:

    I need some advice about getting some effective releasing done on goals. But I see that your Related Links has everything I need. Thanks. Great writing. Keep it up!

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